Working Papers, Department of Economics, University of California Davis

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2022 Motives behind cooperation in finitely repeated prisoner's dilemmaChakraborty, Anujit
2022 Public health insurance of children and parental labor market outcomesKunze, Konstantin
2022 Extensive-form level-k thinkingSchipper, Burkhard; Zhou, Hang
2022 Together everyone achieves more (team): Incentives for productivityChakraborty, Anujit; Fenig, Guidon
2022 Hysteresis, endogenous growth, and monetary policyAmador, Sebastián
2022 Supply or demand? Policy makers' confusion in the pesence of hysteresisFatás, Antonio; Singh, Sanjay R.
2022 Conditional dominance in games with unawarenessMeier, Martin; Schipper, Burkhard
2021 Monetary Policy and Wealth Effects: The Role of Risk and HeterogeneityCaramp, Nicolas; Silva, Dejanir H.
2021 Discovery and Equilibrium in Games with UnawarenessSchipper, Burkhard
2021 Minimax regret with imperfect ex-post knowledge of the stateBonanno, Giacomo
2021 Sowing the Seeds of Financial Crises: Endogenous Asset Creation and Adverse SelectionCaramp, Nicolas
2021 Incorporating Diagnostic Expectations into the New Keynesian FrameworkL'Huillier, Jean-Paul; Singh, Sanjay R.; Yoo, Donghoon
2021 Understanding persistent ZLB: Theory and assessmentCuba-Borda, Pablo; Singh, Sanjay R.
2021 The financial origins of non-fundamental riskAcharya, Sushant; Dogra, Keshav; Singh, Sanjay R.
2021 Rational play in games: A behavioral approachBonanno, Giacomo
2020 Fiscal Policy and the Monetary Transmission MechanismCaramp, Nicolas
2020 The Unintended Consequences of Meritocratic Government HiringGeromichalos, Athanasios; Kospentaris, Ioannis
2020 Bond Premium Cyclicality and Liquidity TrapsCaramp, Nicolas; Singh, Sanjay R.
2020 Filtered belief revision and generalized choice structuresBonanno, Giacomo
2019 Asset Liquidity in Monetary Theory and Finance: A Unified ApproachGeromichalos, Athanasios; Jung, Kuk Mo; Lee, Seungduck; Carlos, Dillon
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 329