Working Papers, Department of Economics, University of California Davis

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Logics for belief as maximally plausible possibilityBonanno, Giacomo
2018 Strategic Reasoning in Persuasion Games: An ExperimentSchipper, Burkhard C.; Li, Ying Xue
2018 Asset Safety versus Asset LiquidityGeromichalos, Athanasios; Herrenbrueck, Lucas; Lee, Sukjoon
2017 Qualitative analysis of common belief of rationality in strategic-form gamesBonanno, Giacomo; Tsakas, Elias
2017 Political Awareness, Microtargeting of Voters, and Negative Electoral CampaigningSchipper, Burkhard C.; Woo, Hee Yeul
2017 Strategic Teaching and Learning in GamesSchipper, Burkhard C.
2017 Kuhn's Theorem for Extensive Games with UnawarenessSchipper, Burkhard C.
2017 Does Exposure to Unawareness Affect Risk Preferences? A Preliminary ResultSchipper, Burkhard C.; Ma, Wenjun
2017 Comprehensive RationalizabilitySchipper, Burkhard C.; Meier, Martin; Heifetz, Aviad
2016 Exploring the gap between perfect Bayesian equilibrium and sequential equilibriumBonanno, Giacomo
2016 The strategic determination of the supply of liquid assetsGeromichalos, Athanasios; Herrenbrueck, Lucas
2016 Does exposure to unawareness affect risk preferences? A preliminary resultMa, Wenjun; Schipper, Burkhard C.
2015 Strategic teaching and learning in gamesSchipper, Burkhard C.
2015 Game theory: Parts I and II - with 88 solved exercises. An open access textbookBonanno, Giacomo
2015 A tractable model of indirect asset liquidityHerrenbrueck, Lucas; Geromichalos, Athanasios
2014 Political awareness, microtargeting of voters, and negative electoral campaigningShipper, Burkhard C.; Woo, Hee Yeul
2014 Speculative trade under unawareness: The infinite caseMeier, Martin; Schipper, Burkhard C.
2014 Sex hormones and competitive biddingSchipper, Burkhard C.
2014 Reasoning about strategies and rational play in dynamic gamesBonanno, Giacomo
2014 Sex hormones and choice under riskSchipper, Burkhard C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 304