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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004On the significance of economic structure and regional innovation systems for the foundation of knowledge-intensive business servicesStahlecker, Thomas; Koch, Andreas
2009The spatial multidimensionality of sectoral innovation: the case of information and communication technologiesKoschatzky, Knut; Baier, Elisabeth; Kroll, Henning; Stahlecker, Thomas
2009Entering the KIBS' black box: there must be an angel! (or is there something like a knowledge angel?)Muller, Emmanuel; Zenker, Andrea; Héraud, Jean-Alain
2009Cohesion policy at the interface between regional development and the promotion of innovationKoschatzky, Knut; Stahlecker, Thomas
2009Entstehungsbedingungen und Gestaltungsformen von Public-Private-Partnerships als Ausgestaltungsform strategischer Forschungskooperationen zwischen Wissenschaftseinrichtungen und Unternehmen in DeutschlandFischer, Martin; Wolf, Björn
2009Spillovers and proximity in perspective: a network approach to improving the operationalisation of proximityKroll, Henning
2009The regional development of science and innovation in China: a brief review of current evidence on matches and mismatchesKroll, Henning
2008The spatial embeddedness of multi-national enterpises' research activity: a bibliometric analysisJappe-Heinze, Arlette; Koschatzky, Knut
2008Services à forte intensité de connaissances, contexte régional et comportements d'innovation: une comparaison internationaleDoloreux, David; Zenker, Andrea; Muller, Emmanuel
2000The regionalisation of innovation policy in Germany: theoretical foundations and recent experienceKoschatzky, Knut