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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Transformative policy mixes in socio-technical scenarios: The case of the low-carbon transition of the German electricity system (2010-2050)Rogge, Karoline S.; Pfluger, Benjamin; Geels, Frank
2011The role of the regulatory framework for innovation activities: The EU ETS and the German paper industryRogge, Karoline S.; Schleich, Joachim; Haussmann, Philipp; Roser, Annette; Reitze, Felix
2007EU emission trading: better job second time around?Schleich, Joachim; Betz, Regina; Rogge, Karoline S.
2008Incentives for energy efficiency in the EU Emissions Trading SchemeSchleich, Joachim; Rogge, Karoline S.; Betz, Regina
2009The impact of the EU ETS on the sectoral innovation system for power generation technologies: findings for GermanyRogge, Karoline S.; Hoffmann, Volker H.
2010Cross-country comparison of the replacement incentives of the EU ETS in 2008-12: the case of the power sectorRogge, Karoline S.; Linden, Christian
2006An early assessment of national allocation plans for phase 2 of EU emission tradingRogge, Karoline S.; Schleich, Joachim; Betz, Regina
2010The innovation impact of EU emission trading: findings of company case studies in the German power sectorRogge, Karoline S.; Schneider, Malte; Hoffmann, Volker H.
2013Towards a more comprehensive policy mix conceptualization for environmental technological change: A literature synthesisRogge, Karoline S.; Reichardt, Kristin
2015Unpacking the policy processes for addressing systemic problems: The case of the technological innovation system of offshore wind in GermanyReichardt, Kristin; Rogge, Karoline S.; Negro, Simona