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2022 Restrictions on migration create gender inequality: The story of China's left-behind childrenGao, Xuwen; Liang, Wenquan; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq; Song, Ran
2022 Rural-urban migration and the re-organization of agricultureMadhok, Raahil; Noack, Frederik; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq; Deschênes, Olivier
2022 Agricultural productivity and deforestation: Evidence from BrazilSzerman, Dmitri; Assunção, Juliano J.; Lipscomb, Molly; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq
2022 Democratization, elite capture and economic developmentFoster, Andrew D.; Rosenzweig, Mark Richard
2021 The economics of the COVID-19 pandemic in poor countriesMiguel, Edward; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq
2021 Slippery fish: Enforcing regulation when agents learn and adaptGonzalez Lira, Andres; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq
2021 The US-China trade war and global reallocationsFajgelbaum, Pablo D.; Goldberg, Pinelopi K.; Kennedy, Patrick; Khandelwal, Amit; Taglioni, Daria
2021 Encouragement and distortionary effects of conditional cash transfersBryan, Gharad; Chowdhury, Shyamal K.; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq; Morten, Melanie; Smits, Joeri
2021 Economic development, the nutrition trap and metabolic diseaseLuke, Nancy; Munshi, Kaivan; Oommen, Anu Mary; Swapnil Singh
2021 Cash transfers as a response to COVID-19: A randomized experiment in KenyaBrooks, Wyatt; Donovan, Kevin; Johnson, Terence; Oluoch-Aridi, Jackline
2021 The productivity consequences of pollution-induced migration in ChinaKhanna, Gaurav; Liang, Wenquan; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq; Song, Ran
2021 Social and financial incentives for overcoming a collective action problemBakhtiar, M. Mehrab; Guiteras, Raymond; Levinsohn, James Alan; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq
2021 Returns to international migration: Evidence from a Bangladesh-Malaysia visa lotteryMobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq; Sharif, Iffath A.; Shrestha, Maheshwor
2021 Normalizing community mask-wearing: A cluster randomized trial in BangladeshAbaluck, Jason; Kwong, Laura H.; Styczynski, Ashley; Haque, Ashraful; Kabir, Md. Alamgir; Bates-Jeffries, Ellen; Crawford, Emily; Benjamin-Chung, Jade; Benhachmi, Salim; Raihan, Shabib; Rahman, Shadman; Zaman, Neeti; Winch, Peter J.; Hossain, Md. Maqsud; Reza, Hasan Mahmud; Luby, Stephen P.; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq
2020 Creating a new legal form: The GmbHGuinnane, Timothy W.; Streb, Jochen
2020 La "Doña" è mobile: The role of women in social mobility in a premodern economyEspín-Sánchez, José-Antonio; Gil-Guirado, Salvador; Vickers, Chris
2020 Migration and informal insuranceMeghir, Costas; Mobarak, Ahmed Mushfiq; Mommaerts, Corina; Morten, Melanie
2020 Labor market dynamics and developmentDonovan, Kevin; Lu, Will Jianyu; Schoellman, Todd
2020 Is fish brain food or brain poison? Sea surface temperature, methyl-mercury and child cognitive developmentRosenzweig, Mark R.; Santos, Rafael J.
2019 Housing prices, inter-generational co-residence, and "excess" savings by the young: Evidence using Chinese dataRosenzweig, Mark R.; Zhang, Zunsen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1054