Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2005 (Kiel)

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2005R&D and private investment: How to conserve indigenous fruit biodiversity of Southern AfricaWaibel, Hermann; Wesseler, Justus; Mithöfer, Dagmar
2005Aid, Policies and Growth: A Non-Canonical Alternative for solving This Puzzle.Fuentes, Raúl
2005Coping Strategies in Post-War Rural MozambiqueBrück, Tilman
2005Inflation Inequity and the Measurement of Pro-Poor GrowthGrimm, Michael; Günther, Isabel
2005Institutional Constraints for the Success of Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries: The Case of Bt-Cotton in Shandong Province, ChinaWaibel, Hermann; Pemsl, Diemuth E.; Gutierrez, Andrew P.
2005Does Good Governance Contribute to Pro-poor Growth?: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Evidence from Cross-Country StudiesResnick, Danielle; Birner, Regina
2005Inequality and growth: A joint analysis of demand and supplyShen, Ling
2005IMF and Economic Growth: The Effects of Programs, Loans, and Compliance with ConditionalityDreher, Axel
2005Micro-credit, risk coping and the incidence of rural-to-urban migrationAhsan, Quamrul
2005Contesting Resources - Rent Seeking, Conflict and the Natural Resource CurseBulte, Erwin; Wick, Katharina
2005How to prioritise policies for poverty reduction: Applying Bayesian Model Averaging to VietnamKlump, Rainer; Prüfer, Patricia
2005Uganda: No more pro-poor growth?Kappel, Robert; Lay, Jann; Steiner, Susan
2005Distribution and Development in a Model of MisgovernanceBlackburn, Keith; Forgues-Puccio, Gonzalo F.
2005Modeling Firm Dynamics to Identify the Cost of Financing Constraints in Ghanaian ManufacturingSchündeln, Matthias
2005Is Rural Income Diversity Pro-Growth? Is It Pro-Poor? Evidence from GeorgiaFraser, Iain; Davis, Junior; Balcombe, Kelvin; Bezemer, Dirk
2005Exchange rate risk and economic reform: the case of endogenous institutional change in ChinaVeit, Wolfgang
2005Foreseeing another HIPC: The response of a post-HIPC economyAbbas, Syed M. Ali
2005Measuring Pro-Poor Growth with Non-Income IndicatorsKlasen, Stephan; Harttgen, Kenneth; Grosse, Melanie
2005Quality of Institutions, Credit Markets and BankruptcyHainz, Christa
2005Does Imported Skill-Biased Technological Change Originate None, One or Many Kuznets Curves?Vivarelli, Marco; Grimalda, Gianluca
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35
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