West African Journal of Monetary and Economic Integration, West African Monetary Institute (WAMI)

ISSN: 0855-594X

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Macroeconomic effect of COVID-19 on West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ): A fan chart probability forecast analysisEgbuna, Ngozi Eunice; Ujunwa, Augustine; Audu, Nathan Pelesai
2020 Impact of disaggregated public expenditure on inflation rate in selected African countries: A panel cointegration analysisOnuoha, Favour Chidinma; Okorie, George
2020 Monetary policy reaction function in turbulent period: The case of NigeriaUdeaja, Elias A.
2020 An assessment of the status of macroeconomic convergence in the West African Monetary Zone (2015 and beyond)Multilateral Surveillance & Trade and Research & Statistics Departments, West African Monetary Institute (WAMI)
2020 International capital flows and monetary policy reaction in Nigeria: Are there asymmetric effects?Isa, Audu; Ibrahim, Adeleke Adegoke; Ezekiel, Adedeji Kayode
2020 When will normalcy return? Exploring the novel COVID-19 spread in the West African Monetary ZoneEgbuna, Ngozi Eunice; John-Sowe, Maimuna; Kargbo, Santigie M.; Diallo, Ibrahima; Bawa, Sani; Mendy, Isatou
2020 Re-examining money market and economic growth nexus in Nigeria: A SVAR model approachAdesina-Uthman, Ganiyat Adejoke; Olatunde, Adenuga Adeniyi; Ahmed, Itodo Idoko
2020 Assessing and mitigating the economic effects of the corona virus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in the West African Monetary ZoneEgbuna, Ngozi Eunice; John-Sowe, Maimuna; Kargbo, Santigie M.; Mohammed, Dauda; Abubakari, Hissan; Adams, Kormay; Sambolah, Eric
2019 On economic growth-reserve accumulation nexus in Nigeria: A nonlinear asymmetric cointegration estimationBassey, Kufre J.; Mba, Michael K.; Abraham, Ochoche
2019 Remittances, financial development and economic growth in the economic community of West African statesTitoe, Michael D.
2019 Business cycle drivers in Nigeria: Some insights from an estimated DSGE modelOmotosho, Babatunde S.
2019 Push and pull factors for capital flows: SVAR evidence from the Nigerian economyAudu, N.; Tule, J. M.; Omolehinwa, L.
2019 Logistics and trade flows: Evidence from selected ECOWAS countriesOzekhome, Hassan O.; Oaikhenan, Hassan E.
2019 Debt, debt sustainability and economic growth in GhanaForson, Cassiel Ato Baah
2019 Do presidential elections affect stock market returns in NigeriaAliyu, Shehu U. R.
2019 On the stability of the Phillips Curve in Nigeria: Does the Lucas Critique apply?Tule, Moses Kpughur; Adeleke, Adegoke Ibrahim
2018 Regional integration and export supply constraints: Evidence from ECOWAS zoneWonyra, Kwami Ossadzifo
2018 Fiscal federalism in Nigeria: Implication for growthOnwioduokit, Emmanuel A.; Esu, Godwin Essang
2018 Fiscal dominance in the West African Monetary Zone: An empirical investigationDiallo, Ibrahima; Mendy, Isatou
2018 Does oil prices shock matter in the Nigerian economy? Empirical evidence from sign-identified Structural Vector AutoregressionAliyu, Nazifi; Saheed, Z. S.; Alexander, A. A.; Abdulsalam, Nafiu B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 34