WiSo-HH Working Paper Series, WiSo-Forschungslabor, Fakultät für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften, Universität Hamburg

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2022 Culture, Female Labour Force Participation, and Selective Migrationː New Meta-Analytic EvidenceMarkowsky, Eva
2022 Targets in International Climate Policyː (Mis)understanding Two Degrees?Otto, Felix; Held, Hermann
2022 Immigrant bilingualism in the German labour market: Between human capital, social networks, and ethnic marginalisationMarkowsky, Eva; Wolf, Fridolin; Schäfer, Marie
2022 Perceived income positions and attitudes towards EU inequality: A cross-country survey experimentBublitz, Elisabeth; Wang, Hequn; Jäger, Julian; Beblo, Miriam; Lohmann, Henning
2022 Policy preference at central banks: Quantifying monetary policy signals using keyword topic modelsDiaf, Sami
2022 Klimakrise und tiefe Unsicherheit: Welche Antworten bietet die Theologie? Ein LiteraturüberblickDressel, Markus; Held, Hermann
2022 Teilhabe oder Reproduktion sozialer Ungleichheit durch Crowdwork? Empirische Einblicke in Erfahrungen von Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen und Menschen mit SorgeverpflichtungenNowak, Iris; Frieß, Wiebke; Menz, Wolfgang; Rastetter, Daniela; Schramm, Florian
2022 Ungleicher Familienalltag durch die Corona-PandemieGaedke, Lorenz; Ćuk, Ammar; Manderscheid, Katharina
2022 Smarter than humans? Validating how OpenAI's ChatGPT model explains crowdfunding, alternative finance and community financeWenzlaff, Karsten; Spaeth, Sebastian
2022 Towards integrating social dynamics into climate economic scenarios literature reviewBarth, Simon
2022 Where do I stand in the EU? Income comparisons and perceptionsBublitz, Elisabeth; Jäger, Julian; Wang, Hequn; Beblo, Miriam; Lohmann, Henning
2022 New forecasting methods for an old problem: Predicting 147 years of systemic financial crisesdu Plessis, Emile; Fritsche, Ulrich
2021 Economics in Action – die Erstellung von Wirtschaftsprognosen in der (Corona-)KriseEmme, Verena; Henze, Justus; Reichmann, Werner; Weinig, Max
2021 Uncovering Heterogeneous Regional Impacts of Chinese Monetary PolicyTsang, Andrew
2020 Product development and (international) market development as reinforcing growth strategies - The role of familiy controlHillebrand, Sebastian
2020 Successor selection in times of continuity and renewal - A discrete choice-experimentHillebrand, Sebastian; Teichert, Thorsten
2020 Cost Risk Analysisː How Robust Is It in View of Weitzman's Dismal Theorem and Undetermined Risk Functions?Held, Hermann
2020 How to formulate climate targets under uncertainty and anticipated future learning about climate sensitivity? – An axiomatic review of the strong sustainability paradigmSchreyer, Felix; Held, Hermann
2020 Replacing temperature targets by subsidiary targetsː How accurate are they? – Overshooting vs. economic lossesStein, Lukas; Khabbazan, Mohammad Mohammadi; Held, Hermann
2020 A Scheme for Jointly Trading-off Costs and Risks of Solar Radiation Management and Mitigation Under Long-tailed Climate Sensitivity Probability Density DistributionsRoshan, Elnaz; Khabbazan, Mohammad Mohammadi; Held, Hermann
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 72
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