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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Product development and (international) market development as reinforcing growth strategies - The role of familiy controlHillebrand, Sebastian
2020Successor selection in times of continuity and renewal - A discrete choice-experimentHillebrand, Sebastian; Teichert, Thorsten
2020Cost Risk Analysisː How Robust Is It in View of Weitzman's Dismal Theorem and Undetermined Risk Functions?Held, Hermann
2020How to formulate climate targets under uncertainty and anticipated future learning about climate sensitivity? – An axiomatic review of the strong sustainability paradigmSchreyer, Felix; Held, Hermann
2020Replacing temperature targets by subsidiary targetsː How accurate are they? – Overshooting vs. economic lossesStein, Lukas; Khabbazan, Mohammad Mohammadi; Held, Hermann
2020A Scheme for Jointly Trading-off Costs and Risks of Solar Radiation Management and Mitigation Under Long-tailed Climate Sensitivity Probability Density DistributionsRoshan, Elnaz; Khabbazan, Mohammad Mohammadi; Held, Hermann
2020Evaluating Delayed Climate Policy by Cost-Risk AnalysisRoth, Robert; Neubersch, Delf; Held, Hermann
2020Die Nachfolgerauswahl in Zeiten des technologischen WandelsHillebrand, Sebastian
2020Who benefits? Heterogeneous effects of international student mobility on occupational attainmentWaibel, Stine; Rüger, Heiko; Ette, Andreas
2020Oil Price Shocks, Protest and the Shadow Economyː Is there a Mitigation Effect?Ishak, Phoebe W.; Fritsche, Ulrich