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[Editor:] Meuwissen, Miranda P. M. [Editor:] Feindt, Peter H. [Editor:] Garrido, Alberto [Editor:] Mathijs, Erik [Editor:] Soriano, Bárbara [Editor:] Urquhart, Julie [Editor:] Spiegel, Alisa [Title:] Resilient and sustainable farming systems in Europe: Exploring diversity and pathways [ISBN:] 978-1-009-09356-9 [Publisher:] Cambridge University Press [Place:] Cambridge [Year:] 2022 [Pages:] 1-17
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
Accumulating shocks and long-term stresses, such as trade conflicts, climate change and deteriorating public trust in agricultural practices have raised concerns about the resilience of Europe's diverse farming systems. The SURE-Farm approach aims to systematically assess the resilience capacities of farming systems, i.e. regional constellations of farms and other actors that provide a range of private and public goods, using local resources and traded inputs. This chapter introduces the key concepts and outlines the SURE-Farm approach to assess the resilience challenges and capacities of farming systems. It sets the scene for the empirical analyses and synthesizing assessments presented in the following chapters.
resilience framework
systematic assessment
mixed methods
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