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Development Research Working Paper Series No. 02/2021
Institute for Advanced Development Studies (INESAD), La Paz
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The research carries out a systematic review to evaluate the necessary conditions that would allow inter-municipal cooperation to promote and generate positive impacts on the provision of public services. The strategy used for the review was the so-called rapid review of evidence, which allows systematizing the evidence on a public policy as exhaustively as possible, using it in a simplified way or omitting some steps of the systematic reviews. 65% of the 48 selected investigations were articles published in specialized journals and the rest were considered gray literature. The rapid review of evidence has shown that inter-municipal cooperation has achieved increased coverage and reduced costs, especially for small and medium-sized municipalities because they were more likely to benefit from cooperation. These achievements also depend on other factors, such as: the type of service, the management capacity of local authorities, the degree of decentralization and spatial proximity.
Inter-municipal cooperation
local government
municipal association
public service provision
Latin America
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Working Paper

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