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Towards a New Indian Model of ICT-Led Growth and Development
Directed by Columbia economists Jeffrey Sachs and Nirupam Bajpai, this three-year project at CSD is being undertaken in collaboration with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi. It will bring together cutting-edge technologists, macroeconomists, financiers, and public officials to examine the potential for a new ICT-led model of growth in India. The ultimate purposes will be to understand the role of ICT in India’s future economic growth and to make recommendations for India’s continued global leadership in ICT-based development.

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022Application of drones in Indian agricultureBeriya, Abhishek
2022Manufacturing the Digital Revolution: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain for ICT-Driven Development in IndiaBiberman, John
2022The Role of Information and Communications Technologies in Rural Entrepreneurship in IndiaBeriya, Abhishek
2022Strengthening early childhood education using smartphones in IndiaBajpai, Nirupam; Iyengar, Radhika; Sharma, Anchal
2022ICT-driven development and the 2022-23 Union Budget of IndiaBajpai, Nirupam; Biberman, John
2022Delivering Next-Generation Public Services through Mobile TechnologyBajpai, Nirupam; Beriya, Abhishek; Biberman, John; Sharma, Anchal; Wadhwa, Manisha
2022India Digital Ecosystem of Agriculture and Agristack: An Initial AssessmentBeriya, Abhishek
2022Information and Communications Technology for Teacher Training in IndiaSharma, Anchal
2022How smartphones can bring about a developmental breakthrough in agricultureBajpai, Nirupam; Beriya, Abhishek
2022Role of Information and Communications Technology in Improving Equity and Quality of Education in IndiaSharma, Anchal
2022How can smartphones bring about a developmental breakthrough in school education?Bajpai, Nirupam; Sharma, Anchal
2021Blended Mode of Learning is the Way Forward in the Post Pandemic EraSharma, Anchal
2021Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare in IndiaBajpai, Nirupam; Wadhwa, Manisha
2021COVID-19 in India: Disease Burden, Managing the Second Wave and InnovationsBajpai, Nirupam; Wadhwa, Manisha
2021Agriculture Reforms: What is in the Farmers' Interest?Beriya, Abhishek
2021Guide for DIKSHA Implementation in SchoolsSharma, Anchal
2021Digital Identification and ICT-Driven Development in AfricaBajpai, Nirupam; Biberman, John
2021India's Experience with ICT in the Health Sector: Lessons for sub-Saharan AfricaBajpai, Nirupam; Wadhwa, Manisha
2021Digital India Programme: Going Full CircleBeriya, Abhishek
2021EdTech Promoting Social-Emotional Learning in IndiaSharma, Anchal
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 73