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2024Burning the bridge to Ostpolitik? Stress-testing Europe's shift from Russian gas to renewables using a global energy modelChyong, Kong
2024Capture carbon, capture value: An overview of CCS business modelsFattouh, Bassam; Muslemani, Hasan; Jewad, Raeid
2024From natural gas to hydrogen: What are the rules for European gas network decarbonisation and do they ensure flexibility and security of supply?Yafimava, Katja
2024Hydrogen for the "low hanging fruits" of South America: Decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and ChileGomes, Ieda; Patonia, Aliaksei; Gogorza, Agustín; Caratori, Luciano; Carlino, Hernan; Gama, Nathalia; Diazgranados, Luis; Hartmann, Nuria; Kulenkampff, Hans
2024Decarbonizing Germany's heating sectorDickel, Ralf
2024LNG shipping chokepoints: The impact of red sea and panama canal disruptionSharples, Jack
2024Key Themes for the Global Energy Economy in 2024Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES)
2024Outlook for Russia's oil and gas production and exportsHenderson, James; Yermakov, Vitaly; Connolly, Richard
2024E-diesel in the shipping sector: Prospects and challengesSouissi, Nesrine
2024Contracts for difference: The instrument of choice for the energy transitionAson, Agnieszka; Dal Poz, Julio
2024Green hydrogen imports into Europe: An assessment of potential sourcesRikabi, Rida
2024Prospects of the Chinese coal chemical industry in an increasingly carbon-constrained worldTu, Kevin Jianjun
2024MENA region as a potential hydrogen supplier for the European market: Analysing a prospective route between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GermanyAbdelshafy, Ali; Lambert, Martin; Walther, Grit
2024Prices versus quantities: Re-thinking electricity subsidies in the context of nearshoring in MexicoFuentes, Rolando; Duran-Fernandez, Roberto; Montoya, Miguel A.
2024Carbon capture from energy-from-waste (EfW): A low-hanging fruit for CCS deployment in the UK?Muslemani, Hasan; Cownden, Ryan; Lucquiaud, Mathieu
2024Navigating turbulence: Hydrogen's role in the decarbonization of the aviation sectorAlsulaiman, Abdurahman
2024The challenges of incorporating consumer reliability preferences into electricity markets with a capacity requirementFelder, Frank A.
2024Hedging and tail risk in electricity marketsBillimoria, Farhad; Mays, Jacob; Poudineh, Rahmatallah
2023Waste not, want not: Europe's untapped potential to generate valuable negative emissions from waste-to-energy (WtE) using carbon capture technologyMuslemani, Hasan; Struthers, Iain; Herraiz, Laura; Thomson, Camilla; Lucquiaud, Mathieu
2023Gas sector reforms in India: How will it change the market outlook?Zamre, Nitin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 158