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2023Waste not, want not: Europe's untapped potential to generate valuable negative emissions from waste-to-energy (WtE) using carbon capture technologyMuslemani, Hasan; Struthers, Iain; Herraiz, Laura; Thomson, Camilla; Lucquiaud, Mathieu
2023Gas sector reforms in India: How will it change the market outlook?Zamre, Nitin
2023The EU hydrogen and gas decarbonisation package: Help or hindrance for the development of a European hydrogen market?Barnes, Alex
2023EU solidarity at a time of gas crisis: Even with a will the way still looks difficultYafimava, Katja
2023Financing a world scale hydrogen export projectCraen, Stephen
2023Nuclear power in China: Its role in national energy policyAndrews-Speed, Philip
2023Scaling CCUS in Canada: An assessment of fiscal and regulatory frameworksIhejirika, Nnaziri; Muslemani, Hasan; Fattouh, Bassam
2023EU joint purchasing of gas: An assessmentBarnes, Alex
2023Assessing China's power sector low-carbon transition: A framing paperHove, Anders
2023Regulating the future European hydrogen supply industry: A balancing act between liberalization, sustainability, and security of supply?Scheibe, Alexander; Poudineh, Rahmatallah
2023Prospects for a potential African gas renaissance en route to a "just energy transition"Ouki, Mostefa A.
2023Hydrogen pipelines vs. HVDC lines: Should we transfer green molecules or electrons?Patonia, Aliaksei; Lenivova, Veronika; Poudineh, Rahmatallah; Nolden, Christoph
2023Green certificates with Chinese characteristics: Will green certificates help China's clean energy transition?Hove, Anders; Xie, Gary Sipeng
2023European traded gas hubs: Their continued relevanceHeather, Patrick
2023The outlook for China's fossil fuel consumption under the energy transition and its geopolitical implicationsMeidan, Michal
2023China's rare earths dominance and policy responsesAndrews-Speed, Philip; Hove, Anders
2023China's hydrogen development: A tale of three citiesMiller-Wang, Arabella
2023Stainless green: Considerations for making green steel using carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen (H2) solutionsMuslemani, Hasan
2023Key Themes for the Global Energy Economy in 2023The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2023Analyzing current carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) research and pilot projects in the European cement sectorAbdelshafy, Ali; Walther, Grit
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 136