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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Factors associated with patients' satisfaction in the health care system in North MacedoniaDimitrievska, Vera; Tomovska Misoska, Ana
2020 George R. R. Martin's attempt to convey current issues to his readership in "A game of thrones". Postmodern literature in search of social awareness and change: The case of George R. R. Martin's "A game of thrones"Jolevska Popov, Tamara; Strezova, Sonja V.
2020 Character strengths and social self-efficacy among university students in North MacedoniaKorubin Kjorluka, Maja
2020 Militarization of the anthropocene through solar geoengineering applicationsNuhija, Bekim; Stojchevska, Stefani
2020 Risk transfer: A mechanism to make the Macedonian agricultural sector more resilient to climate changeJovanovska Boshkovska, Nadica; Sekulovska, Ana
2020 The tree, the man and the city: The case of seven maple trees in VelesBakalchev, Violeta; Sasha, Tasic; Hadzi Pulja, Mitko; Bakalchev, Minas
2020 Qualitative analysis on EU climate change adaptation strategy in health sectorDimitrievska, Vera; Kendrovski, Vladimir
2020 Transformation in the Western Balkans: The readiness for a sustainable energy landscapeVuchkova, Ivana
2020 History of CEFTA 2006 - New challenges and dilemmasEfremov, Krum; Velevski, Ljupco; Dimitrova, Makedonka
2020 Climate change: Disaster risk and building resilienceCripps, Jerremy
2020 Legislation in the field of environment and climate change in North Macedonia and SerbiaOpashinova Shundovska, Marijana; Jovanovic, Aleksandra
2020 Social entrepreneurship - the much-needed accelerator of the modern "green" economyChichevaliev, Stefan; Ortakovski, Tomislav
2020 Biodiversity and business: What do we know about biodiversity accountability?Vola, Paola; Gelmini, Lorenzo
2020 Investigation of organizational culture in companies in high rate polluted countries: Review of existing evidence and application of the new VOX Organizationis modelMileva, Ivona; Bojadjiev, Marjan; Stefanovska-Petkovska, Miodraga; Tomovska-Misoska, Ana
2020 Climate refugees or climate migrants: How environment challenges the international migration law and policiesAndeva, Marina; Salevska-Trajkova, Vasilka
2020 Green HRM in pursuit of sustainable competitive advantageHristova, Snezhana; Stevceska-Srbinovska, Dusica
2020 Index quality air (IQA), education and science in the Western Balkan Countries and their EU perspectiveŽivković, Živan; Panić, Marija
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17