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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020The landscape of public service innovation in Indonesia: A comprehensive analysis of its characteristic and trendPratama, Arif Budy
2020The effect of innovation and strategic planning on enhancing organizational performance of Dubai PoliceAlosani, Mohammed Saleh; Bin Yusoff, Rushami Zien; Al-Dhaafri, Hassan Saleh
2020Open innovation in the semiconductor industry: Analysis of Brazilian design housesOliveira, Xênia L'amour Campos; Olave, Maria Elena Leon; Moreno, Edward David; Silva, Glessia
2020The impact of lead users on innovation success: The mediating impact of knowledge sharing case of IT companiesMarzouki, Reem; Belkahla, Wafa
2020Academic production and technological emergence in finance: Bibliometric study on FinTechsCaciatori Junior, Itamir; Cherobim, Ana Paula Mussi Szabo
2020The determinants of customer loyalty in the Indonesian ride-sharing services: Offline vs onlineKuswanto, Adi; Sundari, Sundari; Harmadi, Ashur; Hariyanti, Dwi Asih
2020Open-source hardware as a model of technological innovation and academic entrepreneurship: The Brazilian landscapeCota, Vinícius Rosa; Aguiar, Cleiton Lopes; de Souza Neto, BezamatBenegas, Miguel
2020Influence of learning and service innovation on performance: Evidences in Brazilian architectural KIBSMilbratz, Thaise Caroline; Gomes, Giancarlo; Carmona, Linda Jessica de Montreuil
2020Consumption attachments of Brazilian fans of the National Football League: A netnography on Twitter interactionsMoura, Bruno Melo; de Souza-Leão, André Luiz Maranhão
2020Dimensions that influence the innovation process in justice organizationsCastro, Marilú Pereira; de Guimaraes, Tomas Aquino