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Will, Markus
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[Journal:] The Central European Review of Economics and Management (CEREM) [ISSN:] 2544-0365 [Volume:] 3 [Issue:] 4 [Year:] 2019 [Pages:] 149-183
Aim: As the traditional approach towards entering a path of sustainabe development based on a "efficiency, consistency, sufficiency aproach" is questionable, This article discusses opportunities and challenges for the circular economy to become a "last chance" fort he current capitaist system to become more sustainable.Design / Research methods: Two case studies of material (waste) streams of plastics and wood-waste are presented in order to identify challenges in the development and functioning of the circular economy. Conclusions / findings: While the circular economy can deal with threats to sustainability embraced in an efficiency and sufficiency approach, it refers to a technology-driven consistency approach, not questioning the consumption and production patterns in the capitalist economy, and the functioning of the market economy as such.
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