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Betancort Cabrera, Noemi
Bongartz, Elke C.
Dörrenbächer, Nora
Goebel, Jan
Kaluza, Harald
Siegers, Pascal
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RatSWD Working Paper No. 274
[Introduction ...] The primary goal of this White Paper is the further dissemination and development of the FAIR principles, so that they can be used within the RDCs, KonsortSWD and beyond. This includes a vision for a FAIR compliant data infrastructure with recommendations for the implementation of FAIR data and services in the SBE sciences and respective data centres. In the following, for each of the 15 FAIR (sub)principles, this White Paper proposes minimum requirements and provides a vision for a full-implementation of the FAIR principles by repositories and data centres. For this purpose, the abstract principles are formulated for the SBE sciences and the peculiarities of the data and object types in these disciplines are taken up. Consequently, the White Paper focuses less on the FAIR principles, which are generically technical (i.e. use of persistent identifiers (PIDs) or interfaces for metadata, etc.). Instead it discusses in more depth those sub-principles which need to be filled with domain specific content of the SBE sciences. Particularly relevant are the conventions of appropriate access rules in the case of data that are not completely anonymised/anonymisable, as well as questions of metadata quality to facilitate reuse and to improve interoperability and machine-actionability of (meta)data.
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Working Paper

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