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Kneuper, Ralf
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IUBH Discussion Papers - IT & Engineering No. 1/2018
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The V-Model, in the sense of a V-shaped software process model, was first introduced in 1979 by Boehm as a sequential process model with particular emphasis on the validation and verification of the results. About ten years later, work began in Germany on the V-Model standard which has by now gone through several iterations. This paper starts with an explanation of the different meanings of the term "V-Model", and continues with a survey of the evolution from V-shaped model to national process standard, against the background of evolution of software engineering in general. In particular, the paper discusses the basic ideas behind the different model variants, and the main changes between the different versions of the German standard V-model leading to the current V-Model XT version 2.1.
V-Modell XT
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Working Paper

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