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Toptancı, Ali İskan
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The oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan Region developed rapidly between 2007-2013 and this situation was described as the days of the prosperity of Kurdistan. Therefore, the Kurdistan Regional Government has faced falling oil prices and problems in oil production since 2014. As a new oil-exporting country, the income from oil is of great importance in the development of the country. This study addresses three important questions: What is the cause of the difficulties faced by oil-exporting countries? How has the development of the oil and gas industry contributed to the development of other economic sectors, especially the agricultural sector in the Kurdistan Region? What kind of policy can be followed against the problems to be experienced due to limited resources? It will be discussed in this study that the economy of the Kurdistan Region is heavily dependent on revenues from oil and that the surplus income is not adequately and effectively invested in other economic areas such as agriculture to diversify its sources of income.
Kurdistan Region
Petrol and Gas
Economic Development
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Research Report
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