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Hanck, Christoph
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Technical Report / Universität Dortmund, SFB 475 Komplexitätsreduktion in Multivariaten Datenstrukturen 2006,46
Meta-analytic panel unit root tests such as Fisher?s X2 test, which consist of pooling the p-values of time series unit root tests, are widely applied in practice. Recently, several Monte Carlo studies have found these tests? Error-in-Rejection Probabilities (or, synonymously, size distortion) to increase with the number of series in the panel. We investigate this puzzling finding by modelling the finite sample p-value distribution of the time series tests with local deviations from the asymptotic p-value distribution. We find that the size distortions of the panel tests can be explained as the cumulative effect of small size distortions in the time series tests.
Panel Unit Root Tests
Error-in-Rejection Probability
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Working Paper

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