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Burghard, Uta
Scherrer, Aline
Dütschke, Elisabeth
Globisch, Joachim
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Working Paper Sustainability and Innovation No. S12/2020
Plug In Electric Vehicles (PEVs) can contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport sector and to alleviate some of the negative local impacts of car driving. As current market shares for PEVs in Germany are still small, it is important to investigate the social acceptance of electric mobility, taking into account different actors in the innovation system. Therefore we draw a link between the social acceptance concept (socio-political, market and local acceptance) and the technological innovation systems (TIS) approach and conduct a literature review. The results show that the majority of studies deal with the demand side of electric mobility, focusing on market acceptance. For a transition towards an electric transport system a deeper systemic understanding of all actors is necessary. The paper shows where the potentials for further acceptance research on electric mobility lie and provides an approach, which can be developed further and transferred to similar technologies.
electric vehicles
social acceptance
technological innovation system
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Working Paper

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