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Klimczuk, Andrzej
Tomczyk, Łukasz
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[Editor:] Florez-Revuelta, Francisco; Chaaraoui, Alexandros Andre [Title:] Active and Assisted Living: Technologies and Applications [ISBN:] 9781849199889 [Publisher:] The Institution of Engineering and Technology [Place:] London [Pages:] 335-359
The chapter aims to introduce an integrated approach to concepts of (1) smart cities and (2) age-friendly cities and communities. Although these ideas are widely promoted by the European Union and the World Health Organisation, they are perceived as separate. Meanwhile, these concepts are closely intermingled in theory and practise concerning the promotion of healthy and active ageing, a universal design, usability and accessibility of age-friendly environments, reducing of the digital divide and robotic divide, and reducing of older adults' social isolation. The conclusion underlines the need for participatory creation of ambient assisted living (AAL) technologies and applications with older adults and the need for advocacy to promote AAL in the context of the silver economy especially in the Central and Eastern Europe.
Smart Cities
Age-Friendly Cities and Communities
Ageing in Place 2.0
Age-Friendly Environments
Aids for Activities of Daily Living
Universal Design
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Book Part
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Accepted Manuscript (Postprint)

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