EWI-Arbeitspapiere, Energiewirtschaftliches Institut, Universität Köln

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Turkey's role in natural gas: Becoming a transit country?Berk, Istemi; Schulte, Simon
2017 Price volatility in commodity markets with restricted participationKnaut, Andreas; Paschmann, Martin
2017 Competition and regulation as a means of reducing CO2 emissions: Experience from U.S. fossil fuel power plantsGrowitsch, Christian; Paulus, Simon; Wetzel, Heike
2017 Tender frequency and market concentration in balancing power marketsKnaut, Andreas; Obermüller, Frank; Weiser, Florian
2017 Natural gas transits and market power: The case of TurkeySchulte, Simon; Weiser, Florian
2017 Decoding restricted participation in sequential electricity marketsKnaut, Andreas; Paschmann, Martin Heinrich
2017 Economic analysis of price premiums in the presence of non-convexities: Evidence from German electricity marketsPaschmann, Martin Heinrich
2017 Leveraging the benefits of integrating and interacting electric vehicles and distributed energy resourcesPaschmann, Martin Heinrich
2017 The impact of advanced metering infrastructure on residential electricity consumption: Evidence from CaliforniaPaschmann, Martin Heinrich; Paulus, Simon
2017 Build wind capacities at windy locations? Assessment of system optimal wind locationsObermüller, Frank
2017 Explaining electricity forward premiums: Evidence for the weather uncertainty effectObermüller, Frank
2017 Reliability in multi-regional power systems: Capacity adequacy and the role of interconnectorsHagspiel, Simeon; Knaut, Andreas; Peter, Jakob
2016 Grid investment and support schemes for renewable electricity generationWagner, Johannes
2016 Innovation in green energy technologies and the economic performance of firmsKruse, Jürgen
2016 How to sell renewable electricity: Interactions of the intraday and day-ahead market under uncertaintyKnaut, Andreas; Obermüller, Frank
2016 Hourly price elasticity pattern of electricity demand in the German day-ahead marketKnaut, Andreas; Paulus, Simon
2016 Innovation in clean coal technologies: Empirical evidence from firm-level patent dataKruse, Jürgen; Wetzel, Heike
2016 Supply chain reliability and the role of individual suppliersHagspiel, Simeon
2016 Offering energy efficiency under imperfect competition and consumer inattentionTode, Christian
2015 Regulation of non-marketed outputs and substitutable inputsBertsch, Joachim; Hagspiel, Simeon
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 117