ITS Conference, Online Event 2020

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2020 Lessons from Innovation Economics for Digital Platform PolicyBauer, Johannes M.; Prado, Tiago S.
2020 Disaggregating the drivers of mobile technology adoption: the threat of unobservable gender biasesButler, Caroline
2020 The impact of network sharing on competition: the challenges posed by early versus mature 5GPápai, Zoltán; McLean, Aliz; Nagy, Péter; Szabó, Gábor; Csorba, Gergely
2020 An Open Video System (OVD) to Overcome Market Power in Online Video PlatformsNoam, Eli M.
2020 The Value of Wi-Fi as Entertainment: An Application to Free Wi-Fi in City Buses of KoreaKim, Yongwon; Kim, Yongkyu
2020 Network modelling approaches for calculating wholesale NGA prices: A full comparison based on the Greek fixed broadband marketIoannou, Nikos; Logothetis, Vangelis; Petre, Konstantin; Tselekounis, Markos; Chipouras, Aris; Katsianis, Dimitris; Varoutas, Dimitris
2020 Analysis of the Characteristics of Evacuation Information Acquirers from Online Media based on Typhoon Victim DataSaito, Nagayuki; Fukushima, Nao; Jifuku, Etsuko; Takabe, Yumiko; Nakajima, Yasuhiro; Eguchi, Kiyotaka
2020 Coming in from the Cold of Digital Audits: The Need for Safe Harbours in the Sea of Misleading and Deceptive MarketingJull, Kenneth
2020 E-commerce: Determining factors and the importance of the e-trustFernández-Bonilla, Fernando
2020 Improving digital financial services inclusion: A panel data analysisBerdibayev, Yergali; Kwon, Youngsun
2020 Fading public control of audiovisual mediaHenten, Anders; Tadayoni, Reza
2020 Cross-border Provision of e-Government Business Registration ServicesFalch, M.; Williams, Idongesit; Tadayoni, Reza
2020 Future 5G platform ecosystems: Case study of a digitalized port stakeholders' new interactions and value configurationsAhokangas, Petri; Matinmikko-Blue, Marja; Yrjölä, Seppo; Hämmäinen, Heikki
2020 Determinants of FTTH tariffs: an empirical EU studyAravantinos, Elias; Petre, Konstantin; Katsianis, Dimitris; Varoutas, Dimitris
2020 Influence of emotion on fake news sharing behavior: The case study from ThailandKamplean, Artima
2020 Techno-Economic Analysis of Smart Home Hub and Integration ServiceKivekäs, Tuomo; Hämmäinen, Heikki; Niemelä, Jarno
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 36 von 36
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