Proceedings of the ENTRENOVA - ENTerprise REsearch InNOVAtion Conference (2020), Virtual Conference

Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 60
2020 A Corporate Sustainable Responsibility Management Tool that Supports the Sustainable Development GoalsRodek, Nora; Birkner, Zoltán; Máhr, Tivadar; Rentz, Tamás
2020 Impact of Influencers to the Selection of Certain Products and ServicesGarbin Praničević, Daniela
2020 Tourists' Recommendations: Socio-demographic AnalysisGrubor, Aleksandar; Leković, Ksenija; Tomić, Slavica
2020 Role of Organizational Psychology in Human Resource ManagementRiumin, Daniil
2020 Export Activity of Croatian Companies: Does Innovation Matters?Nikolić, Helena; Miloloža, Ivan
2020 An Innovative Flexible Investment Vehicle Oriented to Sustainability – The Adaptation of Hedge Funds in the Case of Emerging MarketsPrelipcean, Gabriela; Boscoianu, Mircea
2020 Approaches to Project Management in the Process of Digital Transformation in the CompanyCorejova, Tatiana; Bielik, Peter; Genzorova, Tatiana
2020 Social Media and Employment – Students' vs. Employers' PerspectiveMabić, Mirela; Gašpar, Dražena; Lesko Bošnjak, Lidija
2020 The Role of Motivation in the Knowledge Transfer of EmployeesGutić Martinčić, Sanja
2020 Business Spending on Research and Development and its Relationship to Invention and InnovationHunady, Jan; Pisar, Peter
2020 "Group-it": An Innovative Program for Scaling up Dissemination of Photovoltaic PanelsBürki, Florian; Mastelic, Joëlle
2020 Small-scale LNG Market Optimization – Intelligent Distribution NetworkKuk, Edyta; Małkus, Bartłomiej; Kuk, Michał
2020 Innovation in the Service Sector: A Possible Recipe for Success for the Spa Towns of Central EuropeRodek, Nóra; Máhr, Tivadar; Birkner, Zoltán
2020 Digital Marketing in Cultural Institutions - Example of Cultural Institutions of the City of ZadarKrajnović, Aleksandra; Perković, Antonija; Rajko, Mladen
2020 The Impacts of EU Support Programs on SMEs: A Literature ReviewD'Anghela, Mariapia; Murmura, Federica
2020 An Empirical Study of the Partnership Network Structure of Automakers under CASEIsada, Fumihiko; Isada, Yuriko
2020 Youth Graduates Employment Country Studies of Albania and North Macedonia in Economics ProgramsMehmetaj, Nevila; Zulfiu Alili, Merita
2020 Bifocals: Visualizing Interactions between Business Model Design and Ecosystem InnovationGlassey-Previdoli, Deborah; Bonazzi, Riccardo; Kuonen, Patrick
2020 The Model of Friendly Work Environment for Older Employees in SloveniaČančer, Vesna; Rožman, Maja
2020 Tracing Effects of Covid-19 Over Small and Medium EnterprisesBonazzi, Riccardo; Cimmino, Francesco Maria; Beuchat, Jean-Luc; Vérolet, Fanny
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 60
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