Global Business and Finance Review (GBFR), People & Global Business Association (P&GBA)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 The role of traditional product development in building relationship quality and its impact on resort hotel brand loyaltyUtama, I Putu
2019 Analysis of hospital management based on the characteristics of hospitals: Focusing on financial indicatorsLee, Donhee; Yu, Sojin; Yoon, Seong No
2019 Antecedents of store management strategies and visual merchandising on the in-store engagement of consumer good buyers: An empirical studyPham Hung Cuong
2019 Effectiveness of aid modalities on government financing: With reference to TanzaniaHan, Songhee; Oh, Jinhwan
2019 Does the regulation change play a role in the dividend policy? Empirical study of REITsYang, Jinsuk; Chen, Manfen; Lim, SeungCheol
2019 An asynchronous regime switching GO GARCH model for optimal futures hedgingLee, Hsiang-Tai
2019 Factors affecting the competitive advantage of supermarkets: Evidence from VietnamCuong Hung Pham
2019 Influence of socio-environment factors towards acceptance of renewable energy productsRai, Rachana; Pradhan, BB; Sharma, Neeta Dhusia; Jha, Ajeya
2019 Analysis of structural poverty trend among rice farmers in East Aceh Regency, IndonesiaNurlina; Hanum, Nurlaila; Safuridar; Muda, Iskandar
2019 Social media commerce: Next frontier in online shopping focused on Chinese consumersHan, Min Chung
2019 The effectiveness of a predictor-corrector technique in European currency option valuationHeo, Sangwoo; Yang, Jinsuk; Lim, SeungCheol; Cashel-Cordo, Peter
2019 Impact of Facebook usage on firm's performances among Malaysian Chinese retailersSajilan, Sulaiman; Shehnaz Tehseen; Yafi, Eiad; Ting, Xiong
2019 Determinants of stock market performance: VAR and VECM designs in Korea and JapanTulcanaza Prieto, Ana Belen; Lee, Young Hwan
2019 Capital structure and stock returns: Evidence from Korean stock marketsYoo, Shiyong; Wu, Jiani
2018 The role of job-esteem between psychological ownership and organizational identification of hotel employeesLim, JiEun
2018 The value relevance and reliability of intangible assets: Evidence from South KoreaJi, Hyunmi
2018 Time disparity and price discovery: The effect of the U.S. futures on Korean gold marketBaek, Jae-Seung; Kim, Jihun; Yeom, Myeonghoon
2018 Predicting the onset of housing affordability problemYip, Chee Yin; Au Yong Hui Nee; Abdelhak Senadjki; Oon Kam Hoe
2018 Conceptualizing global investment evaluation model by understanding the environmental key risk variables and their impacts on the market size of the hotel industryChung, Jellna; Choi, Jeong-gil
2018 The effect of the owner CEO on the relation between CEO compensation and firm performance: Korean caseKim, Yong Shik; Kang, Sun-A; Seol, Inshik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 127