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Reis, Eustáquio José
Cavalcanti, Marco Antônio Freitas de Hollanda
Samy de Castro, Alexandre
Rossi, José Luiz
de Araújo, Emerson Rildo
Muriel Hernández, Beatriz
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Discussion Paper 81
This paper presents the latest version of the annual econometric model for the Brazilian economy developed by the Group of Macroeconomic Analysis and Modelling (Gamma) at IPEA/DIPES. The model is designed to make medium run projections and policy simulations. The specification of the model is basically Keynesian. Estimation features include the use of various time series methods, such as FIML (full information maximum likelihood) cointegration analysis and time varying parameters, besides OLS and instrumental variables estimation. In general, the development of the model's equations has explicitly tried to ensure desirable long-run properties as well as reasonable short-run dynamics.
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Working Paper

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