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de Barros, Ricardo Paes
Lam, David
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Discussion Paper 41
This paper analyzes the determinants of schooling attainment at the household level for 14-years-old in urban regions of Saõ Paulo and Northeast Brazil, using data from the 1982 PNAD. We find mean schooling of 4.75 years in Saõ Paulo, and 3.25 years in the Northeast, both far short of the seven years of schooling that should have been completed by 14-years-old. In attempting to explain the 1.5 year advantage in the schooling attainment of 14-year-olds in Saõ Paulo, we find regional differences in the characteristics of parents that are consistent with the regional difference in child outcomes. Parents' schooling and income are considerably higher in Saõ Paulo, and inequality in parental schooling is higher in the Northeast. Regression estimates imply substantial positive effects of parental schooling and income on child schooling attainment. [...]
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Working Paper

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