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Gavardashvili, Givi
Schaefer, Michael
King, Lorenz
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Discussion Papers / Zentrum für internationale Entwicklungs- und Umweltforschung 32
The erosional debris flow processes on the right side of the riverbed of Mletis-Khevi, a tributary of the Tetri Aragvi, are assessed on the basis of field and laboratory studies. The values of the mountain slope erosion in the Mletis-Khevi catchment area have been determined on the basis of field studies, taking into account the time factor and the extent of slope damage. Dependences are derived by means of the maximum discharge of debris flow of various intensities. Furthermore the volume of transported debris flow mass is calculated. A physical-mechanical and chemical analysis of the debris flow mass has been carried out in the laboratory. The results can be used at a subsequent stage for predicting the various basic characteristics of debris flows.
debris flow
erosion coefficient
catchment area
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Working Paper

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