Hamburg Contemporary Economic Discussions, Chair for Economic Policy, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Hamburg

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2024Aid and growth: Asymmetric effects?Dörr, Leo
2024From bias to bliss: Racial preferences and worker productivity in tennisCreutzburg, Carsten; Maennig, Wolfgang; Mueller, Steffen Q.
2023Centralization in national high-performance sports systems: Reasons, processes, dimensions, characteristics, and open questionsMaennig, Wolfgang
2023Crime prevention effects of data retention policiesMaennig, Wolfgang; Wilhelm, Stefan
2022News and noise in crime politics: the role of announcements and risk attitudesMaennig, Wolfgang; Wilhelm, Stefan
2022Auch in Peking 2022: relativ schwache Medaillenausbeute der SportsoldatInnenMaennig, Wolfgang
2021Heterogeneous consumer preferences for product quality and uncertaintyMaennig, Wolfgang; Mueller, Steffen Q.
2021Pharma-Innovationen: Überragende Position der USA und Schwächen der deutschen universitären und außeruniversitären ForschungEckert, Andreas; Maennig, Wolfgang
2021Consumer and employer discrimination in professional sports markets - New evidence from Major League BaseballMaennig, Wolfgang; Mueller, Steffen Q.
2020Excited and aroused: The predictive importance of simple choice process metricsMueller, Steffen Q.; Ring, Patrick; Fischer, Maria
2019Forecasting economic decisions under risk: The predictive importance of choice-process dataMueller, Steffen Q.; Ring, Patrick; Schmidt, Maria
2018Pre- and within-season attendance forecasting in Major League Baseball: A random forest approachMueller, Steffen Q.
2018Suspension by choice: Determinants and asymmetriesKruse, Franziska K.; Maennig, Wolfgang
2017Major sports events: Economic impactMaennig, Wolfgang
2017Public referenda and public opinion on Olympic GamesMaennig, Wolfgang
2017Zoning in reunified BerlinAhlfeldt, Gabriel M.; Maennig, Wolfgang; Richter, Felix J.
2017A 100-million-dollar fine for Russia's doping policy? A billion-dollar penalty would be more correct!Grothe, Helmut; Maennig, Wolfgang
2017Interpretation und mögliche Ursachen statistisch insignifikanter Testergebnisse: Eine Fallstudie zu den Beschäftigungseffekten der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2006Maennig, Wolfgang; Sattarhoff, Cristina; Stahlecker, Peter
2017Governance in sports organizationsMaennig, Wolfgang
2017The future development of world recordsKruse, Franziska K.; Maennig, Wolfgang
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 82