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2019 How corporate headquarters add value in the digital ageSchmitt, Jan; Decreton, Benoit; Nell, Phillip C.
2019 Exploring reasons for the weekend effect in a hospital emergency department: An information processing perspectiveDuvald, Iben
2019 Navigating in a hierarchy: How middle managers adapt macro designLivijn, Marianne
2019 The organizational implications of BrexitMoschieri, Caterina; Blake, Daniel J.
2019 The corporate headquarters in organization design theory: An organizational economics perspectiveFoss, Nicolai J.
2019 Additive manufacturing ("3D printing") and the future of organizational design: Some early notes from the fieldJordan, John M.
2019 Headquarters as hardware and softwareSharer, Kevin
2019 Curating creative Communities of Practice: The role of ambiguityKaethler, Michael
2019 Setting the stage for corporate headquarters: A technological explanation for the rise of modern industrial corporationsBaldwin, Carliss Y.
2019 Designing the microstructure of routinesSteinberger, Tom; Jung, Ju Yeon
2019 Dealing with headquarters in the multinational corporation: A subsidiary perspective on organizing costsLunnan, Randi; Tomassen, Sverre; Andersson, Ulf; Benito, Gabriel R. G.
2019 Dynamic attention-based view of corporate headquarters in MNCsLaamanen, Tomi
2019 Fading hierarchies and the emergence of new forms of organizationBillinger, Stephan; Workiewicz, Maciej
2019 Extending the role of headquarters beyond the firm boundary: Entrepreneurial alliance innovationKim, Jaeho; Wu, Andy
2019 Primer on artificial intelligence and roboticsRaj, Manav; Seamans, Robert
2019 Organization design challenges: Results from a practitioner surveyWorren, Nicolay; van Bree, Jeroen; Zybach, William
2019 The platform review alliance board: Designing an organizational model to bring together producers and consumers in the review and commissioning of platform softwareLarner, Justin; Walldius, Åke
2019 Climbing up and down the hierarchy of accountability: Implications for organization designRomme, Abel G.
2019 What makes self-managing organizations novel? Comparing how Weberian bureaucracy, Mintzberg's adhocracy, and self-organizing solve six fundamental problems of organizingMartela, Frank
2019 Organization design as a competitive choice: An application to the study of innovationSengul, Metin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 57