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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Latent organizing for responding to emergencies: Foundations for researchFenema, Paul C.$cvan; Romme, A. Georges L.
2020 Headquarter resource allocation strategies and subsidiary competitive or cooperative behavior: Achieving a fit for value creationDellestrand, Henrik; Kappen, Philip; Lindahl, Olof
2020 Transforming corporate headquarters: A case study of a collaborative journeyChasserio, Stephanie; Botte, Sophie
2020 The population ecology of undesigned systems: An analysis of the Arizona charter school systemMars, Matthew M.; Bronstein, Judith
2020 On Innovating: An interview with Gautam AhujaAdbi, Arzi; Contigiani, Andrea; Szulanski, Gabriel; Ahuja, Gautam
2020 Digital ecosystems and their implications for competitive strategySubramaniam, Mohan
2020 Reflections on the design of corporate headquartersCampbell, Andrew
2020 Fit, misfit, and design: JOD studies that touch realityBurton, Richard M.
2020 New trends in organization designBurton, Richard M.; Håkonsson, Dorthe Døjbak; Larsen, Erik Reimer; Obel, Børge
2020 Corporate headquarters in the twenty-first century: An organization design perspectiveKunisch, Sven; Menz, Markus; Collis, David
2020 Design as an interactive boundary objectTharchen, Thinley; Garud, Raghu; Henn, Rebecca L.
2020 Disaggregating the headquarters: Implications for overseas R&D subsidiaries' reporting and the subsidiaries' knowledge-sharing patternsAsakawa, Kazuhiro
2020 Networks in the balance: An agent-based model of optimal exploitationAnjos, Fernando; Reagans, Ray
2020 On the "missing link" between formal organization and informal social structureHunter, Starling David; Bentzen, Henrik; Taug, Jan
2020 GitLab: Work where you want, when you wantChoudhury, Prithwiraj; Crowston, Kevin; Dahlander, Linus; Minervini, Marco S.; Raghuram, Sumita
2020 Why crowdsourcing failsDahlander, Linus; Piezunka, Henning
2020 The design of emergence in organizationsEisenman, M.; Paruchuri, S.; Puranam, Phanish
2020 Connectivity knowledge and the degree of structural formalization: A contribution to a contingency theory of organizational capabilityVicter, Rogerio S.
2020 Designing social networks: Joint tasks and the formation and endurance of network tiesHasan, Sharique; Koning, Rembrand
2020 Using an algorithmic approach for grouping roles and sub-unitsWorren, Nicolay; Christiansen, Tore; Soldal, Kim Verner
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 81