Central Bank Review (CBR), Elsevier

ISSN: 1303-0701

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2020 Oil price shocks and the composition of current account balanceVarlik, Serdar; Berument, Hakan
2020 Market-based monetary policy expectations for TurkeyAkçelik, Fatih; Talaslı, Anıl
2020 Structural transformation in the presence of trade and financial integration in sub-Saharan AfricaAlagidede, Imhotep Paul; Ibrahim, Muazu; Sare, Yakubu Awudu
2019 Labour market fluctuations: An RBC model for emerging countriesCoskun, Sevgi
2019 Imported inputs and the countercyclicality of net exports in emerging marketsTiryaki, Suleyman Tolga
2019 Pot the ball? Sovereign wealth funds’ outward FDI in times of global financial market turbulence: A yield institutions-based viewReddy, K.S.
2019 Financial inclusion and tax revenueOz-Yalaman, Gamze
2019 Job mobility in TurkeyAkgunduz, Yusuf Emre; Aldan, Altan; Bagir, Yusuf Kenan; Torun, Huzeyfe
2019 The impact of income distribution on house pricesOzmen, M. Utku; Kalafatcilar, M. Koray; Yilmaz, Erdal
2019 Dating the business cycle: Evidence from MongoliaLuvsannyam, Davaajargal; Batmunkh, Khuslen; Buyankhishig, Khulan
2019 Import demand function for TurkeyCulha, Olcay Yucel; Eren, Okan; Ogunc, Ferya
2019 The dynamics of household final consumption: The role of wealth channelAlp, Esra; Seven, Unal
2019 An analysis to detect exuberance and implosion in regional house prices in TurkeyCeritoglu, Evren; Cilasun, Seyit Mumin; Demiroglu, Ufuk; Ganioglu, Aytul
2019 Measuring inflation uncertainty in TurkeyGulsen, Eda; Kara, Hakan
2019 The dual adjustment approach with an application to the consumption functionIsmihan, Mustafa
2019 The distortionary effects of sterilised reserve accumulation on domestic credit markets: Evidence from UgandaApaaOkello, Jimmy; Mkenda, Beatrice K.; Luvanda, Eliab
2018 An alternative mean reversion test for interest ratesOzel, Ozgur; Ilalan, Deniz
2018 Effectiveness of monetary and macroprudential shocks on consumer credit growth and volatility in TurkeyChadwick, Meltem Gulenay
2018 Does being international make companies more sustainable? Evidence based on corporate sustainability indicesSoytas, Mehmet Ali; Atik, Asya
2018 Fiscal policy effectiveness and the golden rule of public financeZeyneloglu, Irem
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 61