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Ojo, Idowu Oladeji
Popoola, David Prince
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This study examines the determinants of multidimensional poverty level among poultry farming households in Oyo State. A multistage sampling technique was employed to collect data from 210 poultry farmers within four local government areas of the state using well-structured questionnaires. Descriptive statistics, Z-test, Alkire-Foster multidimensional poverty indices and Tobit regression model were used in data analysis. Result shows that; relative to education dimension, highest incidence of deprivations among the poor poultry farming households exists in the health and standard of living dimensions where 88% of the poor poultry farmers are deprived of access to clean water and quality healthcare. Education level, age, household size, cooperative membership, primary labour source, farm size, and quality health access determine the level of multidimensional poverty among poultry farming households in the study area; hence, policy options should favor these factors while discouraging large household size and sole dependence on family labor.
Multidimensional Poverty
Southwest Nigeria
Tobit Regression
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Research Report
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