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Brützel, Christoph
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IUBH Discussion Papers - Transport & Logistik 2/2019
In today's political and media discussion there is an argument that airline tickets should not be cheaper than train tickets as this would foster growth of air traffic hurting the global climate by being the most negative means of transportation with regard to CO2- and other greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, rail transportation should be subsidized even more, and value added taxes should be reduced so that train tickets might become cheaper to dry out demand for air transportation and by this reduce traffic and its environmental impact. A cost benchmarking of a seat offered in a long-distance train at the example of a GERMAN ICE-2 and an Airbus A320, each operated on the route between Düsseldorf and Berlin shows, that this rationale is based on alternative facts.
Rail Companies
Long Distance Train
Cost Benchmarking
Short haul Flights
Modal Cost Rail Traffic
Modal Cost Air Traffic
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Working Paper

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