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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Revisiting Intangible Capital and Labour Productivity Growth, 2000-2015: Accounting for the Crisis and Economic Recovery in the EURoth, Felix
2020Long-term effects of the Paraguayan War (1864-1870): from male scarcity to intimate partner violenceBoggiano, Barbara
2020Minimum wages and the resilience of neoclassical labour market economics: Some preliminary evidence from GermanyHeise, Arne
2020Das CFA-Währungsregime: Zinspolitik, Geldbasisdeckung und Kreditvergabe in der UEMOALampe, Florian
2020This Time is Different? - On the Use of Emergency Measures During the Corona PandemicBjørnskov, Christian; Voigt, Stefan
2020The contribution of intangible inputs and participation in global value chains to productivity performance – Evidence from the EU-28, 2000-2014Tsakanikas, Aggelos; Roth, Felix; Caliò, Simone; Caloghirou, Yannis; Dimas, Petros
2020A Sense of No Future in an Uncertain Present: Altruism and Risk-Seeking among Syrian Refugees in JordanEl-Bialy, Nora; Fraile Aranda, Elisa; Nicklisch, Andreas; Saleh, Lamis; Voigt, Stefan
2020Das Wissenschaftsverständnis der Volkswirtschaftslehre in der Kritik: Implikationen für die Vision einer pluralen ÖkonomikReinke, Rouven
2020After 25 years as faithful members of the EU. Public support for the euro and trust in the ECB in Austria, Finland and SwedenRoth, Felix; Jonung, Lars
2020Syrian Civil War Victims Trust Each Other, but Punish When and Whomever They CanEl-Bialy, Nora; Fraile Aranda, Elisa; Nicklisch, Andreas; Saleh, Lamis; Voigt, Stefan