CREMA Working Paper Series, CREMA - Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts

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2021Coastal proximity and individual living standards: Econometric evidence from geo-referenced household surveysWild, Frederik; Stadelmann, David
2021Backward-oriented economicsFrey, Bruno S.
2021Scientists' opinion, attitudes, and consensus towards immunity passportsAranzales, Iván; Chan, Ho Fai; Eichenberger, Reiner; Hegselmann, Rainer; Stadelmann, David; Torgler, Benno
2021Two sides of the same coin or two different coins? Exploring the duality of corruption in Latin AmericaHugo, Ella; Savage, David; Schneider, Friedrich; Torgler, Benno
2021Politikmüdigkeit nach Glarner GemeindefusionFrey, Bruno S.; Gullo, Anthony; Briviba, Andre
2021Does sports make people happier, or do happy people more sports?Frey, Bruno S.; Gullo, Anthony
2021Is temperature adversely related to economic growth? Evidence on the short-run and the long-run links from sub-national dataMeierrieks, Daniel; Stadelmann, David
2021Confidence is good; too much, not so much: Exploring the effects on reward-based crowdfunding successMoy, Naomi; Chan, Ho Fai; Mathmann, Frank; Schaffner, Markus; Torgler, Benno
2021National pride and tax compliance: A laboratory experiment using a physiological markerMacintyre, Alison; Chan, Ho Fai; Schaffner, Markus; Torgler, Benno
2021Behavioral taxation: Opportunities and challengesTorgler, Benno
2021Sollen CEOs rotieren?Frey, Bruno S.; Eichenberger, Reiner
2021To swing or not to swing: An assessment of age and political cynicism of swing votingProulx, Damon; Savage, David; Stadelmann, David; Torgler, Benno
2021Quantum-sapiens: The quantum bases for human expertise, knowledge, and problem-solving (Extended version with applications)Bickley, Steve J.; Chan, Ho Fai; Schmidt, Sascha Leonard; Torgler, Benno
2021Cash and the hidden economy: Laboratory and artefactual field experimental evidence on fighting tax evasion in small business transactionsChan, Ho Fai; Dulleck, Uwe; Fooken, Jonas; Moy, Naomi; Torgler, Benno
2021"Grease" or "sand" the wheels of economic development: A meta-analysis of corruptionHugo, Ella; Savage, David; Torgler, Benno
2021Artificial Intelligence and big data in sustainable entrepreneurshipBickley, Steve J.; Macintyre, Alison; Torgler, Benno
2021Inequalities, exclusion and COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan AfricaFrempong, Raymond Boadi; Novignon, Jacob; Stadelmann, David
2021Safety in smart, livable cities: Acknowledging the human factorBickley, Steve J.; Macintyre, Alison; Torgler, Benno
2021The power of public choice in law and economicsTorgler, Benno
2021Symbiotics > economics?Torgler, Benno
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 401