Internet Policy Review: Journal on Internet Regulation, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

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2024Navigating the EU data governance labyrinth: A business perspective on data sharing in the financial sectorCoche, Eugénie; Kolk, Ans; Dekker, Martijn
2024Governing Chinese technologies: TikTok, foreign interference, and technological sovereigntyBernot, Ausma; Cooney-O'Donoghue, Diarmuid; Mann, Monique
2024Navigating vulnerability markets and bug bounty programs: A public policy perspectiveZrahia, Aviram
2023Older people and the smart city: Developing inclusive practices to protect and serve a vulnerable populationTupasela, Aaro; Devis Clavijo, Juanita; Salokannel, Marjut; Fink, Christoph
2023The grey-zones of public-private surveillance: Policy tendencies of facial recognition for public security in Brazilian citiesRamiro, André; Cruz, Luã
2023From access and transparency to refusal: Three responses to algorithmic governanceJames, Alexandra; Hynes, Danielle; Whelan, Andrew; Dreher, Tanja; Humphry, Justine
2023Merit and monetisation: A study of video game user-generated content policiesThomas, Amy
2023Smart cities and cumulative effects on fundamental rightsChristofi, Athena
2023Voting in online surveys on open government policies in Moldova and UkraineKhutkyy, Dmytro; Matveieva, Olga; Mirza-Grisco, Diana
2023From brand safety to suitability: Advertisers in platform governanceGriffin, Rachel
2023Substantively smart cities: Participation, fundamental rights and temporalityHacker, Philipp; Neyer, Jürgen
2023A platform policy implementation audit of actions against Russia's state-controlled mediaGlazunova, Sofya; Ryzhova, Anna; Bruns, Axel; Montaña-Niño, Silvia Ximena; Beseler, Arista; Dehghan, Ehsan
2023Preventing long-term risks to human rights in smart cities: A critical review of responsibilities for private AI developersLane, Lottie
2023The politics of internet freedom rankingsLokot, Tetyana; Wijermars, Mariëlle
2023Artificial intelligence regulation in the United Kingdom: A path to good governance and global leadership?Roberts, Huw; Babuta, Alexander; Morley, Jessica; Thomas, Christopher; Taddeo, Mariarosaria; Floridi, Luciano
2023The transformation of surveillance in the digitalisation discourse of the OECD: A brief genealogyPadden, Michaela
2023Political microtargeting: Towards a pragmatic approachAagaard, Peter; Marthedal, Selma
2023Data protection beyond data rights: Governing data production through collective intermediariesDuncan, Jamie
2023Do European smart city developers dream of GDPR-free countries? The pull of global megaprojects in the face of EU smart city compliance and localisation costsWernick, Alina; Banzuzi, Emeline; Mörelius-Wulff, Alexander
2023How news media frame data risks in their coverage of big data and AINguyen, Dennis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 314
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