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Sessou, Eric
Henning, Christian H. C. A.
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Working Papers of Agricultural Policy No. WP2019-02
Using a randomized experiment in Mali, this study investigates whether Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) targeted to men and intended to reduce poverty and food insecurity impact children's schooling. Although the school-aged children are not the primary target of the program, we look to see if the transfers have any impact on the children's school enrolment. Results indicate that the transfers have no significant effect on school enrolment for children age 7-16. However, disaggregating by gender and age, results show the program increases girl's school enrolment at primary school by 8 percentage points and by 6 percentage points for primary school and low secondary school. There is so significant effect on boys' school enrolment. We provide potential mechanisms through which the UCT impacts school enrolment.
Child Schooling
Social assistance
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Working Paper

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