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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Innovations in spatial planning as a social process – phases, actors, conflictsChristmann, Gabriela B.; Ibert, Oliver; Jessen, Johann; Walther, Uwe-Jens
2020Choreographies of entrepreneurship: How different formats of co-presence are combined to facilitate knowledge creation in seed accelerator programsKuebart, Andreas Sebastian Carl; Ibert, Oliver
2016Schlüsselfiguren: Raum als Gegenstand und Ressource des WandelsGailing, Ludger; Ibert, Oliver
2014Once You Are In You Might Need to Get Out: Adaptation and Adaptability in Volatile Labor Markets—the Case of Musical ActorsIbert, Oliver; Schmidt, Suntje
2020Assembling social innovations in emergent professional communities. The case of learning region policies in GermanyFüg, Franz; Ibert, Oliver
2019Geographies of dissociation: Value creation, ‘dark’ places, and ‘missing’ linksIbert, Oliver; Hess, Martin; Kleibert, Jana; Müller, Felix; Power, Dominic
2019Beyond territorial conceptions of entrepreneurial ecosystems: The dynamic spatiality of knowledge brokering in seed acceleratorsKuebart, Andreas; Ibert, Oliver
2015Open Region: Leitbild für eine regionale Innovationspolitik der Schaffung und Nutzung von GelegenheitenMüller, Felix C.; Brinks, Verena; Ibert, Oliver; Schmidt, Suntje
2012Spiel auf vielen Bühnen: Wie Musicaldarsteller ihre Vulnerabilität und Resilienz auf dem Arbeitsmarkt konstruierenIbert, Oliver; Pflanz, Kai; Schmidt, Suntje
2012Vulnerability and Resilience from a Socio-Spatial Perspective: Towards a Theoretical FrameworkChristmann, Gabriela B.; Ibert, Oliver; Kilper, Heiderose; Moss, Timothy