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2023 Transmission of recent shocks in a labour-DSGE model with wage rigidityObstbaum, Meri; Oinonen, Sami; Pönkä, Harri; Vanhala, Juuso; Vilmi, Lauri
2023 Household debt, liquidity constraints and the interest rate elasticity of private consumptionKärkkäinen, Samu; Silvo, Aino
2022 Has there been a change in household saving behavior in the low inflation and interest rate environment?Oinonena, Sami; Virén, Matti E. E.
2022 A model for predicting Finnish household loan stocksNyholm, Juho; Silvo, Aino
2022 Optimal bank capital requirements: What do the macroeconomic models say?Gulan, Adam; Jokivuolle, Esa; Verona, Fabio
2022 Taming the tides of capital: Review of capital controls and macroprudential policy in emerging economiesNorring, Anni
2022 The effects of age and cohort on household savingMäki-Fränti, Petri
2022 Why is Finland lagging behind in export growth?Oinonen, Sami; Virén, Matti E. E.
2021 Could corporate credit losses turn out higher than expected?Juselius, Mikael; Tarashev, Nikola A.
2021 Analysing euro area inflation outlook with the Phillips curveOinonen, Sami; Vilmi, Lauri
2021 The effects of the ECB's pandemic-related monetary policy measuresNelimarkka, Jaakko; Laine, Olli-Matti
2021 Instant payments as a new normal: Case study of liquidity impacts for the Finnish marketHellqvist, Matti; Korpinen, Kasperi
2021 Output gaps and cyclical indicators: Finnish evidencePönkä, Harri; Sariola, Mikko
2021 Quantiles of growth: Household debt and growth vulnerabilities in FinlandNyholm, Juho; Voutilainen, Ville
2021 Competition and regulation in the Finnish ATM industryMarkkula, Tuomas; Takalo, Tuomas
2021 Economic effects of a debt-to-income constraint in Finland: Evidence from Aino 3.0 modelKärkkäinen, Samu; Nyholm, Juho
2021 Measuring counterparty risk in FMIsLaine, Tatu; Korpinen, Kasperi
2021 Bank of Finland's long-run forecast framework with human capitalKokkinen, Arto; Obstbaum, Meri; Mäki-Fränti, Petri
2020 Dealing with the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic – what are the fiscal options?Ambrocio, Gene; Juselius, Mikael
2020 Koronaviruskriisi leikkaa syvän loven Suomen talouteenKilponen, Juha
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41
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