Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023 Forecast combination in the frequency domainFaria, Gonçalo; Verona, Fabio
2023 Who funds zombie firms: Banks or non-banks?Tuuli, Saara
2023 Lone (loan) wolf pack riskGao, Mingze; Hasan, Iftekhar; Qiu, Buhui; Wu, Eliza
2023 Asymmetric effects of conventional and unconventional monetary policy when rates are lowLaine, Olli-Matti; Pihlajamaa, Matias
2023 News or animal spirits? Consumer confidence and economic activity: ReduxChoi, Sangyyup; Jeong, Jaehun; Park, Dohyeon; Yoo, Donghoon
2023 Long-term debt propagation and real reversalsDrehmann, Mathias; Juselius, Mikael; Korinek, Anton
2023 Climate-related disclosure commitment of the lenders, credit rationing, and borrower environmental performanceHasan, Iftekhar; Lee, Haekwon; Qiu, Buhui; Saunders, Anthony
2023 The transmission of negative nominal interest rates in FinlandKwan, Simon H.; Ulate, Mauricio; Voutilainen, Ville
2023 Cognitive constraints and economic incentivesD'Acunto, Francesco; Hoang, Daniel; Paloviita, Maritta; Weber, Michael
2022 Public funding of banks and firms in a time of crisisHaavio, Markus; Ripatti, Antti; Takalo, Tuomas
2022 Welfare effects of R&D support policiesTakalo, Tuomas; Tanayama, Tanja; Toivanen, Otto
2022 Lower for longer under endogenous technology growthElfsbacka Schmöller, Michaela; Spitzer, Martin
2022 Growing like Germany: Local public debt, local banks, low private investmentHoffmann, Mathias; Stewen, Iryna; Stiefel, Michael
2022 The scarring effects of deep contractionsAikman, David; Drehmann, Mathias; Juselius, Mikael; Xing, Xiaochuan
2022 When uncertainty decouples expected and unexpected lossesJuselius, Mikael; Tarashev, Nikola A.
2022 Bond convenience curves and funding costsNissinen, Juuso; Sihvonen, Markus
2022 Monetary policy and inequality: The Finnish caseMäki-Fränti, Petri; Silvo, Aino; Gulan, Adam; Kilponen, Juha
2022 What should the inflation target be? Views from 600 economistsAmbrocio, Gene; Ferrero, Andrea; Jokivuolle, Esa; Ristolainen, Kim
2022 Inflationary household uncertainty shocksAmbrocio, Gene
2022 Belief polarization and Covid-19Ambrocio, Gene; Hasan, Iftekhar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1016
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