Working Papers, Norges Bank

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2022Foreign banks and the doom loopAlbertazzi, Ugo; Cimadomo, Jacopo; Maffei-Faccioli, Nicolò
2022Aggregate density forecast of models using disaggregate data - A copula approachPaulsen, Kenneth Sæterhagen; Fastbø, Tuva Marie; Ingebrigtsen, Tobias
2022Identifying the depreciation rate of durables from marginal spending responsesCao, Jin; Cui, Chao; Dinger, Valeriya; Holm, Martin Blomhoff; Kang, Shulong
2022Human vs. machine: Disposition effect among algorithmic and human day tradersLiaudinskas, Karolis
2022Explaining deviations from Okun's lawForoni, Claudia; Furlanetto, Francesco
2022Nonlinear transmission of financial shocks: Some new evidenceForni, Mario; Gambetti, Luca; Maffei-Faccioli, Nicolò; Sala, Luca
2021Peer Monitoring vs. search costs in the interbank market: Evidence from payment flow data in NorwayFindreng, Jon H.
2021Covered bonds and bank portfolio rebalancingCao, Jin; Juelsrud, Ragnar Enger; Sondershaus, Talina
2021Symbolic stationarization of dynamic equilibrium modelsCanova, Fabio; Paulsen, Kenneth Sæterhagen
2021Disclosing the undisclosed: Commercial paper as hidden liquidity suffersKlingler, Sven; Syrstad, Olav
2021Peer effects and debt accumulation: Evidence from lottery winningsGulbrandsen, Magnus A. H.
2021Quantifying time-varying forecast uncertainty and risk for the real price of oilAastveit, Knut Are; Cross, Jamie; Herman K. van Dijk
2021Household leverage and labor market outcomes: Evidence from a macroprudential mortgage restrictionKabaş, Gazi; Roszbach, Kasper
2021Monetary policy spillover to small open economies: Is the transmission different under low interest rates?Cao, Jin; Dinger, Valeriya; Gómez, Tomás; Grice, Zuzana; Hodula, Martin; Jara R., Alejandro; Juelsrud, Ragnar Enger; Liaudinskas, Karolis; Malovaná, Simona; Terajima, Yaz
2021Asymmetric monetary policy rules for the euro area and the USMaih, Junior; Mazelis, Falk; Motto, Roberto; Ristiniemi, Annukka
2021Non-standard errorsMenkveld, Albert J.; Ter Ellen, Saskia; Wika, Hans Christian
2021Leaning against persistent financial cycles with occasional crisesKockerols, Thore; Kravik, Erling Motzfeldt; Mimir, Yasin
2021Executive labor market frictions, corporate bankruptcy and CEO careersGrindaker, Morten; Kostøl, Andreas Ravndal; Roszbach, Kasper
2021Asset purchases as a remedy for the original sin reduxMimir, Yasin; Sunel, Enes
2021Risk-based pricing in competitive lending marketsMüller, Carola; Juelsrud, Ragnar Enger; Andersen, Henrik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 455