Working Paper Series, Research Group on Human Capital (GRCH), School of Management Sciences (ESG UQAM), University of Quebec in Montreal

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2022Estimating consumer preferences for different beverages using the BLP approachHaeck, Catherine; Lawson, Nicholas; Poirier, Krystel
2021Why subsidize independent schools? Estimating the effect of a unique Canadian schooling model on educational attainmentLefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip
2020Les inégalités provinciales aux tests internationaux-nationaux de littéracie: Québec, Ontario et autres provinces canadiennes 2000-2018Lefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip
2020Going back to school takes time: Evidence from a negative trade shockGaron, Jean-Denis; Haeck, Catherine; Bourassa-Viau, Simon
2020Parental education and the rising transmission of income between generationsConnolly, Marie; Haeck, Catherine; Laliberté, Jean-William
2020Nonlinear class size effects on cognitive and noncognitive development of young childrenConnolly, Marie; Haeck, Catherine
2020Primary school reopenings and parental workBeauregard, Pierre-Loup; Connolly, Marie; Haeck, Catherine; Molnár, Tímea Laura
2020Inequalities in education across Canada: Lessons for the pandemicHaeck, Catherine; Lefebvre, Pierre
2020The evolution of cognitive skills inequalities by socioeconomic status across CanadaHaeck, Catherine; Lefebvre, Pierre
2019Social Mobility Trends in Canada: Going up the Great Gatsby CurveConnolly, Marie; Haeck, Catherine; Lapierre, David
2019Point de vue sur l’accessibilité aux données des administrations publiquesHaeck, Catherine; Connolly, Marie
2019Paid Parental Leave: Leaner Might Be BetterHaeck, Catherine; Pare, Samuel; Lefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip
2019Intergenerational Mobility between and within Canada and the United StatesConnolly, Marie; Corak, Miles; Haeck, Catherine
2018L'héritage de l'éducation sur 25 ans : Une comparaison des tendances au Québec et dans le reste du CanadaLeblond-Létourneau, Martin; Lefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip
2017Universal childcare and long-term effects on child well-being: Evidence from CanadaLebihan, Laetitia; Haeck, Catherine; Merrigan, Philip
2017Long Term Educational Attainment of Private High School Students in Québec: Estimates of Treatment Effects from Longitudinal DataLapierre, David; Lefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip
2016La contribution de l'école privée au Québec à la littératie et à la numératie des 15 ans : une analyse par effets de traitementLefebvre, Pierre
2016Les résultats éducatifs de long terme des élèves de l'école secondaire privée au Québec : une évaluation des effets de traitement avec données longitudinalesLapierre, David; Lefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip
2016Socioeconomic Gradient Literacy and Numeracy Skills of 15-year-olds across Canadian Provinces and Years using the PISA Surveys (2000-2012)Lefebvre, Pierre
2016A Simple Recipe: the Effect of a Prenatal Nutrition Program on Child Health at BirthHaeck, Catherine; Lefebvre, Pierre
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23