Copenhagen Discussion Papers, Asia Research Centre (ARC), Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Discussion on Yin-Yang, Zhong-Yong, Ambidexterity, and ParadoxLi, Xin
2018Empathy in Global BusinessWorm, Verner; Jakobsen, Michael
2018Revisiting Single Case Studies in International Business Research: The Case of Maersk LineWorm, Verner; Jakobsen, Michael
2018Discourses on Philosophies of Science in International Business Studies: Perspectives and ConsequencesJakobsen, Michael; Worm, Verner
2017Towards An Integrated Framework for Special Economic Zones (SEZs): A Dynamic Institutional ApproachAggarwal, Aradhna
2016FDI Outflows and Domestic Investment: Substitutes or Complements? Exploring the Indian Experience NanditaDasgupta, Nandita
2016Local R&D and technology transfers: A Comparative Analysis of foreign and local firms in Indian IndustriesAggarwal, Aradhna
2016Does Plant Size Matter? Differential Effects of FDI on Wages and Employment in Indian ManufacturingSharma, Shruti
2016Does Environmental Governance matter for FDI? Testing for Pollution Haven Hypothesis for Indian StatesKathuria, Vinish
2016Compositional Advantage and Strategy: Understanding How Resource-Poor Firms Survive and ThriveLi, Xin
2016Foreign Financial Flows and Terrorism: A Case Study of PakistanAnwar, Amar; Mughal, Mazhar
2016Outward FDI from India and its impact on the performance of firms in their home countryRoy, Indrajit; Narayanan, K.
2016FDI, Firm Heterogeneity and Exports An analysis of Indian ManufacturingGhosh, Maitri; Roy, Saikat Sinha
2016Making Sense of Culture in International Business: Some Theoretical and Methodological ReflectionJakobsen, Michael; Worm, Verner; Li, Xin
2016Do Financing Constraints Matter for Outward Foreign Direct Investment Decisions? Evidence from IndiaSasidharan, Subash; Padmaja, M.
2015Exploring Key External and Internal Factors Affecting State Performance in Southeast AsiaJakobsen, Michael
2015Culture studies in the field of international business research: A tale of two paradigmsVorm, Werner; Li, Xin; Jakobsen, Michael; Xie, Piehong
2015State, Development and Inequality in Selected ASEAN Countries: Internal and External Pressures and State ResponsesEmbong, Abdul Rahman
2015Changes of Ownership and Identities of Malaysian Banks: Ethnicity, State and GlobalizationWhah, Chin Yee
2015Identifying High Growth Firms in India: An Alternative ApproachAggarwal, Aradhna; Sato, Takahiro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 66