Statistics in Transition new series: An International Journal of the Polish Statistical Association and Statistics Poland, Sciendo

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 A comparison of the method of moments estimator and maximum likelihood estimator for the success probability in the Fibonacci-type probability distributionKwon, Yeil
2022 Modified exponential time series model with prediction of total COVID-19 cases in Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland and SwitzerlandWachirapond Permpoonsinsup; Rapin Sunthornwat
2022 Triads or tetrads? Comparison of two methods for measuring the similarity in preferences under incomplete block designZaborski, Artur
2022 New polynomial exponential distribution: Properties and applicationsBeghriche, Abdelfateh; Zeghdoudi, Halim; Raman, Vinoth; Chouia, Sarra
2022 Scaled Fisher consistency for the partial likelihood estimation in various extensions of the Cox modelBednarski, Tadeusz; Nowak, Piotr B.; Skolimowska-Kulig, Magdalena
2022 Regression model of water demand for the city of Lodz as a function of atmospheric factorsDomański, Czesław; Kubacki, Robert
2022 The length-biased power hazard rate distribution: Some properties and applicationsMustafa, Abdelfattah; Khan, M.I.
2022 A Bayesian estimation of the Gini index and the Bonferroni index for the Dagum distribution with the application of different priorsArora, Sangeeta; Mahajan, Kalpana K.; Jangra, Vikas
2022 Advances on permutation multivariate analysis of variance for big dataBonnini, Stefano; Assegie, Getnet Melak
2022 Interval Type-2 fuzzy exponentially weighted moving average control chartAdepoju, Akeem Ajibola; Abdulkadir, Sauta S.; Jibasen, Danjuma; Chiroma, Haruna
2022 Socio-economic development and quality of life of NUTS-2 units in the European UnionJewczak, Maciej; Brudz, Magdalena
2022 Extracting relevant predictors of the severity of mental illnesses from clinical information using regularisation regression modelsKaushik, Sakshi; Sabharwal, Alka; Grover, Gurprit
2022 ARFURIMA models: simulations of their properties and applicationJibrin, Sanusi Alhaji; Rahman, Rosmanjawati Abdul
2022 A modified robust confidence interval for the population mean of distribution based on decilesAbu-Shawiesh, Moustafa Omar Ahmed; Juthaphorn Sinsomboonthong; Kibria, Bhuiyan Mohammad Golam
2022 The odd power generalized Weibull-G power series class of distributions: Properties and applicationsOluyede, Broderick; Moakofi, Thatayaone; Chipepa, Fastel
2022 Assessing the effect of new data sources on the consumer price index: A deterministic approach to uncertainty and sensitivityBiałek, Jacek; Panek, Tomasz; Zwierzchowski, Jan
2022 Polish inequality statistics reconsidered: Are the poor really that poor?Szulc, Adam
2022 An improved ridge type estimator for logistic regressionVarathan, Nagarajah
2022 Estimation of P (X È Y) for discrete distributions with non-identical supportChoudhury, Mriganka Mouli; Bhattacharya, Rahul; Maiti, Sudhansu S.
2022 39th Conference Multivariate Statistical Analysis MSA 2021: Conference reviewMałecka, Marta; Mikulec, Artur
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 349