Proceedings of the ENTRENOVA - ENTerprise REsearch InNOVAtion Conference (2019), Rovinj, Croatia

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2019 The Digital Transformation of the Classroom – the What, How, and Why in Austrian Secondary Colleges of Agriculture and ForestryQuendler, Erika
2019 The Usage of Collaborative Economy in Tourism: Overview and Trends for European CountriesĆurlin, Tamara; Jaković, Božidar; Miloloža, Ivan
2019 Enhancing the Usefulness of Blockchain Technology in Finance SectorJuričić, Vedran; Radošević, Matea; Fuzul, Ena
2019 Measuring Success in Small Family Businesses - A Socioemotional Wealth PerspectiveIvana, Bujan
2019 Tourists’ Recommendations: WOM Becomes DigitalGrubor, Aleksandar; Leković, Ksenija; Tomić, Slavica
2019 Do Higher Education Institutions Foster Critical Thinking? – Students’ PerspectiveMabić, Mirela; Gašpar, Dražena
2019 Analyses of Diabetes Data and Its Data Analytics Perspectives of Usage in the Health System in KosovoLoku, Lindita; Fetaji, Bekim; Krstev, Aleksandar; Fetaji, Majlinda; Zdravev, Zoran
2019 Yield Management in the Hotel Industry of CroatiaĐukec, Damira; Čanadi, Vesna
2019 Data Lake Architecture for a Banking Data ModelGolec, Darko
2019 A Multi-Label Machine Learning Approach to Support Pathologist's Histological AnalysisAzzini, Antonia; Cortesi, Nicola; Marrara, Stefania; Topalović, Amir
2019 Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders’ Management of Export Companies in Foreign MarketsBarić, Andrija; Omazić, Mislav Ante; Aleksić, Ana
2019 How Does the Attitude to Sustainable Food Influence the Perception of Customers at the Point of Sale? - an Eye-Tracking StudyLamberz, Julia; Litfin, Thorsten; Teckert, Özlem; Meeh-Bunse, Gunther
2019 Current Trends for Blockchain and Smart Contracts (In Financial Services)Bringas, Pablo Garcia; Pastor-López, Iker; Psaila, Giuseppe
2019 The Effects of Digitalization on Customer ExperienceRekettye, Gábor; Rekettye, Gábor
2019 The Silent Diffusion of Sticky Costs in the HoReCa IndustryIrsa, Wolfram
2019 The Impact of Campus Interaction Among Students in Enriching Student Learning Experiences in North MacedoniaShabani, Arafat; Bajrami, Demush
2019 Cluster Analysis of IT Security Risks in Chosen SectorsBuljan, Ante; Spremić, Mario
2019 Real-Time Environmental Parameters Monitoring SystemĆorić, Davor
2019 IoT and Smart Home Data Breach Risks from the Perspective of Croatian Data Protection and Information Security LawVojković, Goran; Milenković, Melita; Katulić, Tihomir
2019 Digitalization and the Challenges for the Accounting ProfessionGulin, Danimir; Hladika, Mirjana; Valenta, Ivana
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 67
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