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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 The business foundations of social economic progressGrifell i Tatje, Emili; Lovell, C. A. Knox; Turon, Pau
2018 Does social climate influence positive eWOM? A study of heavy-users of online communitiesRuiz Mafe, Carla; Bigné Alcañiz, J. Enrique; Sanz Blas, Silvia; Tronch, Jose
2018 Brand deletion: How the decision-making approach affects deletion successTemprano-García, Víctor; Rodríguez-Escudero, Ana Isabel; Rodríguez-Pinto, Javier
2018 Diversification decisions among family firms: The role of family involvement and generational stageMuñoz-Bullón, Fernando; Sanchez-Bueno, Maria J.; Suárez González, Isabel
2018 Complementarity between innovation knowledge sources: Does the innovation performance measure matter?Serrano-Bedia, Ana Mª López-Fernández, Mª Concepción; García-Piqueres, Gema
2018 What more can we learn from R&D alliances? A review and research agendaMartínez-Noya, Andrea; Narula, Rajneesh
2018 Special Issue EditorialGrifell-Tatjé, E.; Lovell, C.A.K.
2018 The poetry of intriguing ideas, logical arguments and rigorous methods in managementVázquez, Xosé H.
2018 Profit efficiency and its determinants in small and medium-sized enterprises in SpainPérez-Gómez, Pilar; Arbelo-Pérez, Marta; Arbelo, Antonio
2018 Estimating product efficiency through a hedonic pricing best practice frontierArrondo, Ruben; Garcia, Nuria; González Fidalgo, Eduardo
2018 Do the improvement programs really matter? An analysis using data envelopment analysisSouza, Iberê Guarani; Lacerda, Daniel Pacheco; Camargo, Luís Felipe Riehs; Dresch, Aline; Piran, Fabio Antonio Sartori
2018 Measuring the performance of local administrative public servicesBlank, Jos L. T. *ca. Gegenwart*
2018 Drivers for performance in innovative research groups: The mediating role of transactive memory systemCabeza-Pullés, Dainelis; Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Leopoldo J.; Lloréns-Montes, Francisco Javier
2018 A joint analysis of determinants and performance consequences of ambidexterityPertusa-Ortega, Eva M.; Molina Azorín, José Francisco
2018 Frontier efficiency, capital structure, and portfolio risk: An empirical analysis of U.S. banksDing, Dong; Sickles, Robin C.
2018 Reducing risk in the emerging markets: Does enhancing corporate governance work?Sayari, Naz; Marcum, Bill
2018 Board composition and firm reputation: The role of business experts, support specialists and community influentialsGarcía-Meca, Emma; Palacio, Carlos J.
2018 Examining the intermediate role of employee abilities, motivation and opportunities to participate in the relationship between HR bundles and employee performanceBeltrán-Martín, Inmaculada; Bou Llusar, Juan Carlos
2018 Imprinting and early exposure to developed international markets: The case of the new multinationalsGarcía Canal, Esteban; Guillén, Mauro F.; Fernández Pérez, Paloma; Puig Raposo, Núria
2018 The cluster is not flat: Uneven impacts of brokerage roles on the innovative performance of firmsMartínez-Cháfer, Luís; Molina-Morales, F. Xavier; Peiró-Palomino, Jesús
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 106