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[Journal:] Cogent Business & Management [ISSN:] 2331-1975 [Volume:] 4 [Publisher:] Taylor & Francis [Place:] Abingdon [Year:] 2017
Taylor & Francis, Abingdon
There are a public consensus among Saudi Arabia higher education institutions that communications are imperative. It is unanimously agreed that communications play an important role in the light of Sharia law implemented in the country which imposes a strict separation between men and women in terms of buildings and teaching process. Thus, communication is increasingly gaining attention in our society. In this connection, there is very little work on the communication system in higher educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this research was to explore faculty perceptions about the importance of communication system for higher educational institutions. The study was also designed to test differences among faculty members about the communication system importance which are attributed to gender.
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