New Zealand Treasury Working Papers, The Treasury, New Zealand Government

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 Firm productivity growth and the knowledge of new workersKirker, Michael; Sanderson, Lynda
2022 An efficient application of the extended path algorithm in Matlab with examplesBinning, Andrew
2021 Golden years - understanding the New Zealand Superannuation FundBell, Matthew
2021 The macroeconomic effects of government spending shocks in New ZealandLyu, Yifei
2019 Public Debt Dynamics in New ZealandPiscetek, Melissa
2018 Living Standards Analysis Model: The First PrototypeKing, Anita
2018 The Impact of Tertiary Study on the Labour Market Outcomes of Low-qualified School Leavers: An updateTumen, Sarah; Dixon, Sylvia; Crichton, Sarah
2018 Gender Budgeting: A Useful Approach for Aotearoa New ZealandMorrissey, Suzy
2018 US Monetary Policy, Global Risk Aversion, and New Zealand Funding ConditionsTong, Eric
2018 Student Mobility Across Schools and its Links to UnderachievementDixon, Sylvia
2017 The Marginal Welfare Cost of Personal Income Taxation in New ZealandCreedy, John; Mok, Penny
2017 Public Sector Discount Rates: A Comparison of Alternative ApproachesCreedy, John; Passi, Hemant
2016 Returning to Surplus: New Zealand's Post-GFC Fiscal Consolidation ExperienceBose, Dhritidyuti; Philip, Renee; Sullivan, Richard
2016 Optimal Timing of Tax Policy in the Face of Projected Debt IncreasesBall, Chris; Creedy, John; Scobie, Grant
2016 The Optimal Threshold for GST on Imported GoodsCreedy, John
2016 Evaluation of the Impact of the Youth Service: Youth Payment and Young Parent PaymentMcLeod, Keith; Dixon, Sylvia; Crichton, Sarah
2016 Evaluation of the Impact of the Youth Service: NEET programmeDixon, Sylvia; Crichton, Sarah
2016 Implications of a Sugar Tax in New Zealand: Incidence and EffectivenessGardiner, Alasdair
2016 The Effect of Trial Periods in Employment on Firm Hiring BehaviourChappell, Nathan; Sin, Isabell
2016 Sugar Taxes and Changes in Total Calorie Consumption: A Simple FrameworkCreedy, John
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 324