New Zealand Treasury Working Papers, The Treasury, New Zealand Government

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Public Debt Dynamics in New ZealandPiscetek, Melissa
2018 Living Standards Analysis Model: The First PrototypeKing, Anita
2018 US Monetary Policy, Global Risk Aversion, and New Zealand Funding ConditionsTong, Eric
2018 The Impact of Tertiary Study on the Labour Market Outcomes of Low-qualified School Leavers: An updateTumen, Sarah; Dixon, Sylvia; Crichton, Sarah
2018 Student Mobility Across Schools and its Links to UnderachievementDixon, Sylvia
2018 Gender Budgeting: A Useful Approach for Aotearoa New ZealandMorrissey, Suzy
2017 The Marginal Welfare Cost of Personal Income Taxation in New ZealandCreedy, John; Mok, Penny
2017 Public Sector Discount Rates: A Comparison of Alternative ApproachesCreedy, John; Passi, Hemant
2016 Evaluation of the Impact of the Youth Service: NEET programmeDixon, Sylvia; Crichton, Sarah
2016 The Effect of Trial Periods in Employment on Firm Hiring BehaviourChappell, Nathan; Sin, Isabell
2016 Implications of a Sugar Tax in New Zealand: Incidence and EffectivenessGardiner, Alasdair
2016 Sugar Taxes and Changes in Total Calorie Consumption: A Simple FrameworkCreedy, John
2016 Evaluation of the Impact of the Youth Service: Youth Payment and Young Parent PaymentMcLeod, Keith; Dixon, Sylvia; Crichton, Sarah
2016 Barriers to Generating International Income: Evidence from the Business Operations SurveySanderson, Lynda
2016 Returning to Surplus: New Zealand's Post-GFC Fiscal Consolidation ExperienceBose, Dhritidyuti; Philip, Renee; Sullivan, Richard
2016 Optimal Timing of Tax Policy in the Face of Projected Debt IncreasesBall, Chris; Creedy, John; Scobie, Grant
2016 The Optimal Threshold for GST on Imported GoodsCreedy, John
2015 Towards Putting a Price on the Risk of Bank FailureSnethlage, Daniel
2015 Taxation and the User Cost of Capital: An IntroductionCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman
2015 The Impact of Tax Changes on the Short-run Investment Behaviour of New Zealand FirmsFabling, Richard; Kneller, Richard; Sanderson, Lynda
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 320