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[Conference:] 17th International Conference on Scientometrics & Informetrics (ISSI 2019), September 2-5, 2019, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy [Publisher:] CERN [Place:] Geneva [Year:] 2019
CERN, Geneva
For the past years, preprints started to be very common in Economics and Business Studies and economic researchers simply referred to them as working papers (Cruz & Krichel, 2000). Since a previous study of Nuredini & Peters (2016) confirms a relatively good coverage of journal articles for Economic and Business Studies literature in, this study explores the altmetric representations for working papers in these fields. We present altmetric information from for working papers from Econstor. Considering that working papers in Economics and Business Studies from Econstor often have handles for their identification, our study explored handles and confirmed a lower coverage in (0.2%). Therefore we investigated altmetric information for two other working papers identifiers: DOIs, and URLs. Better coverage is identified for working papers with DOIs (7%). Econstor URLs are less found in with coverage of 0.04%. The topmost used altmetric source for working papers in Economic and Business Studies is Twitter for handles and DOIs and for URLs is Policy Posts. Mendeley counts are well present for working papers with DOIs but not for handles. A negative correlation (r = - 0.0157) is identified between citation counts from Crossref and Altmetric Scores. Additionally, we noticed several issues that are happening while sharing Econstor working papers on social media that prevent from collecting altmetric information. Thus, we suggest an alternative way to share these papers on social media to prevent losing altmetric information.
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